The SEO Video Show was founded by 15 year SEO professional, Paul Andre de Vera, to help SEOs and digital marketers experienced the best SEO video content. All videos have been curated and organized to help you find the most valuable knowledge on all aspects of SEO, from off-page to on-page. My goal is to master the art of SEO through learning and sharing of knowledge bombs, gold nuggets, and secret tactics in the world of search engine optimization video content. People say you learn twice through teaching. By curating SEO videos from other experts in the industry and answering questions through the live SEO Video Show on YouTube http://youtube.seo.video we can teach each other through live streams and chat. Let’s you and I become SEO masters together! Don’t forget to visit our site http://seo.video for a collection of curated videos that the live SEO Video Show will be reviewing and deconstructing.

Are you a self-employed or enterprise SEO professional? Contact me and become a guest on the show! I’m always looking for co-hosts to help bounce ideas from the curated videos.

Looking forward to networking with you soon!

e. [email protected]
p. (323) 523-5122‬

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