Content Promotion Checklist for Beginners

It’s not enough to simply publish blog posts and hope to gain traction. You need to promote it. This tutorial will teach you how to promote your content with a simple yet effective content promotion checklist.
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The checklist in this video is something you can follow whenever you publish a new piece of content.

The first thing you should do is send an email to your email list. You’ll learn the three most important reasons why you should do this.

Next, share your content on social media. But don’t call it a day after you’ve done that.

There are a couple of other things you can do to get the most mileage out of social media. And the promotion methods will vary from platform to platform.

So, you’ll learn what those things are in the tutorial.

Third, email other bloggers you’ve linked to.

If you’ve created an in-depth guide, chances are you’ve linked to useful resources or mentioned other creators. So, it is worth reaching out to let them know. This can lead to relationships, social shares, and potentially more backlinks.

Sam will show you an example of an email you can use in this tutorial.

The next tip is to submit your post to online communities. These are places like niche forums, Reddit, and Facebook groups.

These communities are generally tightly knit groups who are interested in a specific topic.

So by getting your content in front of them, you have the opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your site.

You’ll learn how to do this properly in the tutorial.

Next, answer questions on Quora. Quora is a popular Q&A site.

And in 2018, they reached 300 million monthly unique visitors to their site. So, this means you can potentially get your content in front of a lot of people just by answering questions.

But there is a trick to answering the right questions. You’ll learn how in the video.

The final tip is to use paid ads.

Paid marketing is awesome because once you start paying for traffic, you’ll get it almost immediately. And given the variety of targeting options you have on platforms like Facebook and Google, you can reach new and hyper-targeted audiences quite easily.

And finally, build backlinks.

A backlink is when another website links to one of your pages. Google looks at this as a signal that the information being linked to is well trusted.

How do you build them? You’ll learn how in the video.

Now, note that you don’t have to follow every step in this checklist. But generally speaking, the more things you do, the more eyeballs you’ll attract, and the more traffic you’ll get.

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