How to Structure and Hire Your Link Building Team – 5.1. Link Building Course

In this video, you’ll learn how to structure and hire members for your link building team.

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There are two link building team models:

► A team of all-in-one marketers who handle every stage of the link building process.
► A team where each member is responsible for just one part of the link building process.

The first team model doesn’t seem efficient because no one is a master of all the stages in the link building process. This often leads to sloppiness and mistakes in areas where these marketers are weaker.

The second model is more efficient because each team member handles one part of the link building process. Thus, they build mastery in their areas of responsibility and learn to work as one team over time.

Here are three different roles you may want to hire people for your link building team:

► link prospector
► link vetter
► outreach manager

Watch the video to learn more about what skills, traits, and qualifications you should look for when hiring link builders as well as an overview of their roles and responsibilities.

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