Link Building with Google Ads: Results from $1,245 in PPC Ads [Ep. 3]

In part 3 of our 3-part series, you’ll learn the process and results from our link building experiment where we tried to build links via PPC advertising.
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If you’re new to this series, our first video was about strategically building a statistics page that would generate links. And in our second video, we showed you how we built links to that page.

And now, in this episode, we tried to see if PPC advertising is a viable link building strategy.

But before we show you the results of the campaigns, it’s important to get some context on how this series began.

Basically, Tim, our CMO introduced a concept called the “the vicious circle of SEO”. This happens when people search for something and read the #1 result. Some of them will link to that page from their own websites. And because of the new links, that #1 page stays at the top, creating a virtually endless loop of total domination.

And since for many queries, there are Google Ads at the top, we thought, why not pay for ads and see if we could earn links?

So, we decided to run our first experiment to see if we could get backlinks to a page. Here’s what we did.

► We created a duplicate version of an existing case study.
► We noindexed that page to make it invisible to everyone, except those who saw the ad.
► We set up a simple search campaign in Google Ads

You’ll see our experiment set-up, plus the results of our link building experiment in the video.

Given the relative success of our first experiment, we decided to run a second PPC campaign to see if we could get more links. Here’s what we did.

► We created a list of stats (documented in part 1 and 2)
► We set up a simple search campaign in Google Ads.

You’ll see our experiment set-up, the results and our takeaways in the video.

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