Majestic Link Graph Launched. Link building Will Change FOREVER & More In This Week’s Search News gave us an amazing new tool called Link Graph. If you follow what I preach
about Semantic SEO, you know this is very important. If you see the website crawl
visualizations I share on Instagram or Twitter, you can feel the common ground.
It’s all about the same principle: who is in relation to what, why, and when?
What I call the Topical Mesh is happening on the page, around the page in-site, and it’s the
same thing off-site.
With Majestic’s Link Graph, you can now visualize how your URL connects to the rest of the
On top of this new feature, this week’s news brings some more Google and
Facebook controversies, but all major Social Media are in trouble with the Federal Trade

00:13 The Non-Stop December 2020 Core-Update
02:12 An update on the Structured Data Testing Tool
03:16 How people decide what to buy lies in the “messy middle” of the purchase journey
05:16 Redesigning Search would harm American consumers and businesses
07:46 Prosecutors say Google accessed private WhatsApp messages — but the evidence is thin
09:28 FTC Issues Orders to Nine Social Media and Video Streaming Services
11:01 40 Girls Do Porn Victims Are Suing Pornhub for $1 Million Each
12:31 Majestic is Announcing Link Graph
13:53 Evolution of Google Ad labels from 2000 to 2020
16:02 Cloud stream 3D content in search on Android
18:04 Five Trends for the 2020s

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Wednesday ➡ SEO Stories. With or without a guest, I will take the time to dissects Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing topics;

Thursday ➡ this day is reserved to talk about Semantic SEO and my strategy called the Topical Mesh. In a series of 52 videos, I lay out the complete plan. This is the most advanced free SEO tutorial in the World;

Friday ➡ Q&A. I have tons of questions in stock, asked by my students and clients.
To start off the series, I will dig into this pool of SEO and Digital Marketing related questions.
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