SaaS SEO Case Study: 10X Traffic in 1 Year

In this video, you’ll learn the SEO strategy that a SaaS company used to 10x their organic traffic in just one year.

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Veed, a video editing software company, has had massive growth in organic traffic by executing on a simple SEO strategy. Here’s what it looks like in a nutshell:

They have two main parts to their site – free tools and a blog, bringing them around 80% and 11% of their total organic traffic, respectively.

Watch the video to learn how this SaaS company structured their Free tools section and its content to drive traffic.

Another part of Veed’s SEO strategy is link building. They have been aggressively building backlinks which appears to have a huge impact on their website traffic.

Learn more about their link building approach from the video.

Another vital part of Veed’s strategy is content marketing through their blog. It started just over a year ago, in May 2021, but since then, they’ve grown their blog to around 178,000 monthly organic visits.

Watch the video to learn how to implement this content marketing and SEO strategy to your software company.


0:00 Intro
0:57 Content and structure of Veed website
6:40 How Veed earns backlinks
10:15 How you can implement this strategy

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