The Blitz List: How to Start Link Building Campaigns Fast – 3.3. Link Building Course

In this video, you’ll learn how to start and validate a link building campaign fast using a “blitz list.”

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A blitz list is a “ready-to-send” outreach list of contacts based on a sample of your vetted link building prospects.

The blitz list serves two purposes:

► It saves you a lot of time from finding emails manually.
► It will help you validate your outreach pitch and decide if it’s worth continuing with the campaign.

First, you should find emails of the people you’ll be contacting. The process of finding and validating email addresses is tedious and time-consuming. So we recommend you automate the process a bit.

There are three ways you can create your blitz list:

– Use Google Sheets and validate emails using Hunter and Neverbounce
– Create your own custom-coded program
– Use Google Sheets with a no-code tool like Zapier

Watch the video to learn more about each of these methods and choose the one which suits your needs best.

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