Garrett Sussman

SEO Video Show EP113: Garrett Sussman | Demand Gen Manager @iPullRank

Guest Bio:

Garrett pulls rank by attracting and nurturing the best clients.

Garrett is a hipster in tech, wearing worn oversized hoodies.

Garrett has over a decade of experience in digital marketing.

Garrett was the head of marketing at Traject and is currently the demand gen manager at iPullrank.

Knowledge Bombs:

17:35 – Get ranking on page one of Google

Garrett directly thought of search intent – you need to look at what people expect to see, and it does not only mean to result in one thing. You need to ensure that your content is helpful and well-structured and is what the person is looking for.

21:26 – Demand Gen Manager

“It’s partially brand awareness; it’s partially bringing awareness to a problem people don’t know they have,” Garret says. Thus the job is to provide a solution when people realize the problem.

25:50 – A campaign theme

Garrett shares that if you are doing a campaign quarterly, you can do layered campaigns, overarching, and sub-campaigns. It depends on the content you show, like webinars or blog posts.

27:03 – Best lead gen programs or strategies

“It is always specific to your unique business,” Garrett pointed out. He says that they thought of what is going to drive business revenue, what is going to be the key goals, and the KPIs. The other big things are providing clients with the tools and doing big conferences.

28:33 – The process of running content

Garrett thought of the niche with the momentum and growth therein; it seems funny to him that it is not always the biggest names that drive the most interest or growth. But sometimes, it is like specific expertise tied to the agency’s offerings.

31:30 – Becoming a podcaster

Garrett flowed through the process of meeting people via Zoom and establishing rapport. Through that, they will publish a good blog post concerning SEO and have tied with agencies to purchase their products.

33:04 – Top tips on starting with podcasting

Don’t overthink it. Hop on a free Zoom and spend time connecting and researching with people, then build a brand that people can promote you.

34:20 – Process of setting-up two shows

Outreach people and build a quality brand that people will look out for you. Also, get a great team that can help you.

36:04 – SEO Weekly

In doing content, Garrett thought of finding the diamonds of people that produce great SEO processes, insights, and strategies that nobody sees.

38:00 – SERP tracking

For Garrett, rank tracking is really interesting, and it’s changing because SERPs are changing so much. He thought of Pixel Heights: Are you on page one or above the fold, or are people looking for you across devices?

41:39 – Optimizing “near me”

This segment highlights that creating deep content needs to be close to where that person is searching – proximity. This is because Google provides the best results.

42:45 – Buying reviews and optimizing reviews

Generating reviews has value because of the keywords that it reflects.

44:50 – Guiding keywords

There’s no rule about what you can ask for reviews; you just can’t incentivize it. With that, you always need to pay attention to Google’s guidelines.

45:55 – Redirecting low reviews

Garrett highlights in this segment that some businesses have a prompt review on the screen. If there’s a case that a review is low, you will be redirected to their customer support team and ask why you gave that review, and then they will try to negotiate with you if you can change it to a much higher score.

46:15 – Getting into SEO

Build a website and learn from experience – it may not be easy, but getting with the flow will lead you to something great. Learn how websites work, get them indexed on Google, and try to rank with specific keywords, Garrett advises.

Google News:

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Using hashtags to create jump links for long-form content is a great way to guide the crawlers, and we’ve heard from some experts that it can help with passage indexing.

What are the benefits of having multiple sitemaps by Katherine Nwanorue on Rank Ranger?

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Measuring E-A-T with Lily Ray on Whiteboard Friday

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Watch the full video to get all the knowledge bombs Lily drops.

How to steal a featured snippet by Matt Diggity

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How to create local landing pages for SEO by Amanda Jordan on the Wix channel

Do you know who knows a bit about local SEO?

My guest today!

Be sure to ask topic-related questions, and I will address them in the order they are received.

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