Amanda Milligan


Amanda Milligan

Amanda is an in-demand coffee speaker and blogger.

Amand is after her expertise and content marketing and link building.

Amanda is written for Tech Crunch search engine journal, Semrush, and Mars.

Amanda is the Head of Marketing At Stacker Studio


15:53 Ranking on page one of Google 

Technical SEO needs to be sound.

The content will probably be the number one thing to get you ranking on page one. So if the content is up to date, and comprehensively answers the query if that’s not ranking on page one then you need to be getting into the earning realm, and building the authority of your brand. 

16:10 About Stacker Studio

Amanda’s been doing content and link running for like 10 years. When they approached her and said they didn’t to pitch their content that blew her mind.  Because that was the hardest part in a lof cases.  They get their content away for free to publishers all over the world. The whole function of stacker is that we’re trying to empower both national and local publishers give them free content to help them bolster their content on their site the way that we’re able to pay for that. And they are partnering with brands. Stacker Studio is a brand partnership arm 

25:03 How to develop a relationship with 3000 places?

According to Amanda, an individual bran doesn’t.  It all comes down to the publication that you’ve always wanted to be mentioned on.

Maybe these publications are good for your audiences; some publications have great domain authority in your space. if you’re a brand that doesn’t have these resources, you don’t have to stress about getting a million links every day. You do what you can with what you have. Amanda said that it is a three-pronged approach, so investing a lot of money makes sense if your on-site content is solid and really good. Content should be your focus. 

26:48 Type of content publishers prefers after these insights.

Service journalism was doing well and service journalism means that we’re essentially helping people do something, and this in the marketing world is known as how-to content and publishers are running it more and more. She is also mentioning about local SEO.

38:57 Type of content for promoting e-commerce

It comes down to what you’re selling, it should be noted that it’s not content that Amanda is talking about is a type of content that does not drive conversions.  You need on-site content that’s meant to move people through the funnel but when we talk about earning links then tangential content is good. It is a little more zoomed out from the type of content you’re probably already creating. 

42:26 Headline structures

Amanda pulled up some checklist to help with the headline structure:

  1. Challenge preconceived notions

      2. Lead with an interesting statistic 

  1. Calling out the data source
  2. Making it sound human

47:49  Amanda’s client success story

She’s working with people and she saw improvements like their keyword rankings improve, their organic traffic doubled, and remain doubled and continue to grow is incredible. For Amanda, it is really rewarding to be able to see the data behind it. 

50:04 About adding new syndication sites

You have to have a certain level of like if SF gate is the one republishing you, it means you didn’t have like a fluke one time with a great piece. It means you’re consistently creating great content. And also Amanda shares that they make sure eveybofy has access to their content and is adding new site to their network all the time and wanted to empower publishers in the entire world to know that they have this free resource. 

52:14 Benefits of own syndication versus earned syndication

own syndication is if you create an article and you publish it in your blog.And then you publish it in your LinkedIn and you published it in your own medium. Paid syndication is if there are services that we can pay to have your article sent out through their network. 


Google updated its documentation on-site names to mention subdomains.

Google Search only supports one site name per site and now supports sublevel home page site names with structured data

Google posted a blog on how their topic authority system works.

In a nutshell:

Google Systems understand publications that seem especially relevant to topics or locations.

Google Systems looks at how other publishers cite original reporting to understand how a publication is influential and authoritative on a topic.

Google Systems also looks at a source’s history of high-quality reporting or recommendations from expert sources, such as professional societies.

Rules for Google Snippets by Nathan from Income School

In my opinion, we should look closely at how to optimize for snippets today.

With the new search generative experience, it looks pretty much like snippets on steroids.

How many of you are optimizing for snippets?

I like the idea of possibly formatting my blog into 300-character paragraphs.

Something I plan on testing out with my blog. I’ll be sure to share my results.

Nathan Gotch talks about content refreshing as one of his SEO strategies.

Upgrading old content before optimizing old content by following the E-E-A-T framework by adding experience and expertise is some excellent advice.

An exercise I’ve done in the past when refreshing content is looking for articles I can combine.

Check to see if you have multiple pages ranking for a keyword, and think about refreshing one of the articles to incorporate the other.

Have you ever had a company bid on your brand?

Andrew Shotland shares an SEO play to combat the hijackers.

In my enterprise experience, this happens all the time, and I have combatted this by having all my colleagues click on our hijacker’s ads until their budget is used up and repeat the next day until they see the ROI is nothing.

Things to Look for When Fixing A Google Core Update Problem with Glen Gabe

Producing great content that attracts links is the best way to avoid core update hits.

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

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