Amit Kumar


Amit has spent his career in the Sales & Marketing field, working with some of the most prestigious Multinational Brands. 

Amit has driven their Content & Sales Outreach campaigns, consistently achieving remarkable results at Rank Jacker.

Over the course of his career, Amit has had the privilege of collaborating with over 100 agencies, earning a reputation as a trusted and respected industry expert.

Amit’s impact on the businesses he has worked with is undeniable, having contributed to generating over $89 million in revenue. 

Amit’s unwavering passion for sales and marketing and his innovative approach continue to leave a significant mark in the industry.


19:57  How to get No. 1 Ranking on Google

Ahmed’s strategy for securing a prime spot on Google’s page one is simple yet effective: he merges marketing principles with SEO. By integrating the buyer’s journey and the AIDA concept into his SEO tactics, he not only achieves top rankings but also engages users for the long term. His approach isn’t just about getting clicks; it’s about guiding visitors toward predefined goals, creating lasting digital connections.

24:37 PBNs tricks

Amit’s SEO journey transformed after the Penguin update rendered Private Blog Networks (PBNs) ineffective. He pivoted from chasing money keywords to crafting educational content.

With his marketing background, he understood that online sales are a process, not an impulsive act. By focusing on top-of-funnel keyword research, he built a constant stream of potential customers. Guiding them strategically down the funnel led to better conversions.

Amit’s approach, emphasizing value over quick gains, continues to resonate in an industry often plagued by short-term tactics.

27:00 Off-Page and Link Building SEO Evolution

Amit, a seasoned link-building expert at Rank Jacker, shares insights on the evolution of off-page SEO and link-building. He emphasizes the shift from simple keyword-based link-building to a structured approach.

His three-stage approach includes:

  • Building Trust: In the early stages, focus on trust-building through links that promote your brand, products, or services.
  • Topical Relevance: As your website gains traction, acquire backlinks from relevant sites within your niche.
  • Keyword Anchors: When ranking on the first page of Google, strategically use keyword anchor text links for a ranking boost.

Amit’s expertise highlights the need to adapt to changing SEO dynamics for long-term success.

27:09  How to know if a site has good organic traffic

To identify if a site has good organic traffic, Vasco suggests using tools like SimilarWeb. For businesses like Airbnb, which rely heavily on organic search traffic due to user-driven searches, it is essential to distinguish between organic and paid traffic. 

SimilarWeb’s free version effectively breaks down the traffic into categories like paid, organic, and social, providing valuable insights into a site’s organic performance.

30:58 History of Link-Building

Amit delves into the dynamic history of link building, highlighting the shift from once-effective tactics to today’s more nuanced strategies. He emphasizes that all link types can still be valuable if applied with relevance and a well-thought-out strategy. 

He also stresses the importance of avoiding spam practices and encourages the use of forum comments as a means to engage with relevant audiences while building links. Essentially, it’s not about discarding old methods but adapting and refining them in the ever-evolving world of link-building.

34:16 Niche edits

Amit’s approach to online marketing is all about relevance and transparency. He believes in creating content that seamlessly fits into the audience’s flow, avoiding any hint of scam or deception. 

For guest posts, he focuses on delivering fresh content, while initiatives leverage existing authority and backlinks, making them more powerful. Amit’s strategy revolves around authenticity and adding value to the audience’s experience, building trust through quality content.

35:29 Guest Post Links

Imagine you’re Amit, an SEO expert seeking more exposure for your brand. You want to connect with others who share your target audience. So, you offer them valuable, SEO-focused content for their websites free of charge. In return, they publish your content and provide you with a backlink.

This collaboration strategy creates a win-win situation. You tap into a shared audience common to each niche you target and promote each other’s brands. Guest post links become bridges to mutual growth and the power of collaboration in the digital age.

37:06 How PBNs differ from niche edits and guest links

PBNs involve repurposing expired domains with existing backlinks and authority. Amit and professionals like him scrape these domains, turning them into “dummy websites” exclusive to their clients. This secret weapon boosts website rankings and organic traffic, showcasing Amit’s innovative approach in the dynamic world of SEO.

39:22 Is there any benefit to building foundational links to an established website?

Amit highlighted the benefits of building Foundation links for established websites. He cautioned against overusing keyword anchors, which could harm the anchor profile. Instead, he recommended diversifying with branded and generic anchors for Foundation links, reserving keyword anchors for other SEO efforts. 

His insights left the audience with a fresh approach to link-building strategies and a deeper understanding of SEO’s nuances.

40:30 Where to get foundation links?

Amit emphasizes the importance of foundational links for website success. He mentions platforms like Tumblr and Web 2.0 properties as key sources.

Amit also highlights local citation links, explaining their significance. They help businesses get noticed in their communities and are essential for local SEO competitiveness. These links are the building blocks for online visibility and growth, making them a crucial part of any SEO strategy.

45:17 Tools to analyze quality of backlinks

Amit prioritizes relevance above all else when assessing backlink quality. While metrics like Domain Rating (DR) and traffic are considered, he’s found that true success comes from backlinks that align with his niche and target audience. He emphasizes that, in his experience, even websites with low DR can deliver excellent results if they’re relevant. 

For Amit, it’s all about making the most of relevant traffic, whether through content partnerships or niche-focused backlinks. In his book, relevance is the ultimate key to SEO success.

48:35 Amit’s website services

Amit’s website is designed for user convenience. They’ve categorized subjects based on parameters like traffic and metrics. Clients seeking specific backlink benchmarks, such as DA40 Plus or DA50 Plus, or those prioritizing high-traffic websites, can easily find tailored services. He encourages clients to explore packages that suit their goals, making the process seamless and personalized.

49:40 Different types of links

In a lively discussion, Amit, a seasoned expert in link building, revealed two hidden gems in the industry. First, he touted the value of press release services for their cost-effectiveness in generating exposure, traffic, and brand discovery. 

Second, he emphasized premium editorial links, not just for their high metrics but for their ability to tap into niche experts’ audiences, multiplying content reach and driving traffic and brand visibility. Amit’s insights highlight the often overlooked potential of these link services.

53:34 Tiered links

Amit’s take on tiered links is refreshingly bold. He says that they don’t significantly boost organic presence or rankings. His perspective challenges traditional SEO thinking, urging us to rethink our strategies and adapt to a dynamic landscape.

53:59 Amit’s advise to aspiring SEO professionals

Amit, an SEO expert, advises aspiring professionals to take action by learning from influencers’ free courses and applying the knowledge to real projects. He highlights three key SEO elements: “keyword research, link building, and content strategy.” According to Amit, consistent action is the key to success.

His take on keyword research involves aligning it with marketing principles, emphasizing the importance of discovering untapped keywords. He says, “Keyword research is the ultimate skill that can make a difference in your SEO journey.” His practical advice makes SEO accessible to newcomers, offering a clear path to success in this dynamic field.


To sum up, her three pillars let Google easily find, crawl, and index the content you want to rank.

Don’t let Google index or crawl the content you do not want to be ranked.

Provide a good website and page experience.

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