Ammon Johns

Ammon has been a specialist in Internet Marketing and Web Promotion since 1996

He is widely known as one of the SEO and search engine marketing pioneers.

He has worked with several leading SEO agencies and was an in-house SEO with a start-up that helped place in the NetRatings Top Ten UK shopping sites within their first year.

He helps clients identify and develop new revenue streams, build social networks, build quality user-generated content, and massively increase profitability outside the areas of search engine optimization.

He has created SEO campaigns so slick and unobtrusive that even other SEO professionals cannot see or copy.

The highly trained and very deadly Ammon Johns!


Knowledge Bombs:

19:02 – How does Ammon get ranking on page one of Google?

For Ammon, it’s all about being the site that Google wants to recommend to customers. Since SEO works in different ways, what matters is the hone your site that will attract your target audience.

19:47 – How did Ammon first get into SEO?

Ammon discovered websites when he gets a hands-on to computers. This is where he started building a website back in 1996. He then realized that it’s not all about the demand of the website, but rather the traffic for it. And this is where he started learning about SEO.

21:13 – Ammon’s SEO career throughout the years

After discovering SEO, this is where Ammon started to expand his knowledge about SEO to help sites get their much-needed exposure.

22:28 – Ammon’s SEO learning resources

For Ammon, this is quite a challenge since there is no previous track record in learning SEO back in the day. Instead, what he did is pick up stories from other people who also works in the SEO industry. This is where Ammon started to learn what works and what doesn’t based on other’s experiences.

24:44 – Doing sales pitch, the Ammon way

Ammon does the word-of-mouth tactic back then during his early stages of being in the SEO industry. This is where Ammon started to gain traction and was then discovered by a lot of businesses in the industry.

26:34 – Networking inside the industry is a must

Ammon had a lot of connections in the SEO industry. But how did this come into fruition? In this section, he explains the importance of networking and why it is your saving grace in making SEO content.

29:44 – Is keyword density a ranking factor in SEO?

For Ammon, keyword density is never a ranking factor when it comes to SEO. This is because various engines have different types of working densities for keywords. Just like having a shoe that will only fit depending on the size.

30:26 – What link building strategies is Ammon using?

Ammon focuses on link strategies that can build and discover content. He believes that using such tactics will make content creation much easier and smoother for everyone.

31:35 – What are some SEO hacks that a person can use for their online business?

According to Ammon, there are tons of SEO “hacks” that will work depending on your chosen search engine and territory. Keep in mind that various tricks will only work depending if it’s a local or wider-reach SEO.

33:37 – The progression of SEO since the 90’s

Ammon has been in the SEO industry for decades now. From his perspective, SEO keeps on changing from time to time across generations. Even today, there are still changes revolving around SEO to the point where we have to relearn and apply new strategies.

42:02 – The first steps of starting with a new client in SEO

Delving into SEO involves making connections with potential clients. In this section, Ammon shares his effective routines that could secure that client. This includes understanding your clients as well as their working practices too.

45:02 – Unique SEO campaigns by Ammon

With a plethora of SEO campaigns lying around, Ammon has unique ones that he would love to share for all of you. But hey! It’s a secret, so you might want to grab your notes in this one and start jotting down.

46:46 – What are Ammon’s inspiration in creating SEO campaigns that no one knows about?

Link exclusivity is so important in building campaigns. For Ammon, this brings the competition up high especially when competitors are thriving hard to gather and copy some data.

48:44 – Ammon’s advice in becoming an SEO expert

For Ammon, it’s not about trying hard to become an SEO expert but rather seeking self-mastery. The more honed you become in your chosen field in SEO, the higher the probability of success. Being humble is a big bonus too!


Topic Timestamps:

19:05 – How does Ammon get to page 1 ranking on Google?
19:50 – How did you get into SEO?
22:50 – The Struggles of an SEO Back in the late 90s
25:20 – The “Traffic Thing.”
29:15 – Surround yourself with people that will share back!
30:40 – Put the work on your content!
31:50 – Question from the Audience: What SEO hacks can one utilize for their online business?
38:10 – Trade. Share. Work Together
38:50 – Bing SEO Tips (As asked by the audience)
42:10 – Question from the Audience: What are the first steps when starting with a new client? Do you have any routines?
45:30 – Ammon’s SEO Campaign tips
47:40 – Links and Exclusivity
48:40 – Ammon’s tips for budding SEO professionals!

Creating content that ranks is excellent, but if no one is interested in it, why would anyone be looking for your content?

Christina Galbato from Google for Creators shares four ways to get ideas for content

So now you have your great idea. The first thing you need to do is expand on your keyword research.

Exposure Ninjas says to do a simple brain dump.

Getting brain dumps from my clients or stakeholders is where I always start.

That way, you can uncover industry terms you may not know and help with your keyword research when using tools like ahrefs.

Crystal Carter on Rank Ranger explains why we should use variable-generated metadata.

I’m a big fan of creating templates for meta descriptions.

I have to optimize over 200 pages a month at my day job, and having templated metadata can help speed up the process.

How does User Experience impact SEO?

Chris Green on the Knowledge Panel Show tells us how.

Journey mapping starts with creating buyer personas.

A great book to help you gain insight into your customers’ expectations, align your SEO strategies and win more business is a book by Adele Revella.

Do you know who had an exciting SEO journey?

My guest today!

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