Andrew Holland

SEO Video Show EP112: Andrew Holland – Head of Organic at Embryo – The value of SEO

Guest Bio:

Andrews’s SEO background stems from a 17-year career in the police, where several years were spent within intelligence, utilizing SEO within internal systems to catch criminals.

Andrew left the police, launched a freelance SEO and digital marketing career, and has worked with many clients, from SMEs to 8-figure businesses.

Andrew manages a growing team of in-house content writers and SEO account managers today.

Knowledge Bombs:

17:56 – Get ranking on page one of Google

Great content and build a brand, which will lead you to page one, Andrew directly answers.

28:40 – Andrew’s book

Andrew generally explains that the book aims to help people engage better internally with stakeholders. He added that it is also to discuss SEO’s benefits and value.

32:02 – Top three ideas of the book

SEO is evolving, and Andrew generally thought about this idea; search engine evolves into a greater aspect that helps many lives. Google can click its fingers and change the lives of the SEOs.

35:09 – Outrank Authority Competitors

Andrew presented the idea that better quality content will be able to rank and outrank authority. Build your marketing presence that translates into links from authoritative and relevant sites. 

36:34 – Value of SEO for Brand Marketing

For Andrew, building a brand and letting it known to the market costs of telling the story of your business to those you seek to serve. It is also essential to reach out to new markets regarding direct advertising.

41:57 – Scaling SEO Productivity 

Valuing your team in SEO is a fundamental tool, as they will reach out to you for advice and things that need a boost. It is also a way to showcase their talent in doing their best strategies.

48:20 – Behavioral Science and SEO go hand-in-hand

Andrew introduces the idea of Information Foraging Theory, which is a concept that uses the principles of optimum foraging theory to explain how people look for information. He also advises, in the end, the idea of not sticking with being a four-page website when you can go beyond and be a 400-page website.

53:24 – Getting into SEO

Start a website; it doesn’t matter what you will build if you are interested and passionate about it. Just take the risk and do your best – read blogs and get useful information. You may fail a lot of times and succeed a couple of times, and the important thing is you did all you could, and it will lead to something greater.

Google News:

In the video, she shares a couple of places where you can use AI for product descriptions and FAQs.

SEO This Week is back with secret Indexing resources by Clint Butler

I can vouch for the resources Clint mentions and have used them in my SEO secret sauce.

The critical thing he mentions is getting your links crawled.

This past week, I was at the strategic marketing show, and we spoke about SEO for Enterprise SaaS.

Here’s a quick clip and tip on keyword research in the enterprise SaaS space.

I drop a ton of SEO for Enterprise SaaS knowledge bombs, so check out the whole video.

Is SEO Worth it? Sam Oh gave us 2 Questions to ask ourselves.

Do you know who can share the value of SEO?

My guest today!

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Be sure to ask questions, and I will address them in the order they are received.

Before we introduce our guest, here is a word from our sponsor.

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