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Guest Bio

Bibi began her career as a social media marketer for a global automotive trader.

Bibi eventually quit her job and started creating and ranking websites.

Bibi has been a featured expert in Search Engine Journal and a sought-after guest on podcasts and YouTube shows.

Bibi is the founder and managing director of Bibibuzz.

Knowledge Bombs

16:03 How to get No. 1 Ranking on Google

Bibi tells viewers to use common sense and put themselves in the visitor’s perspective. If you want to rank your site fast, you should go to people who know tactics that Google doesn’t approve of. 

21:07 Bibi’s link-building process

Bibibuzz helps clients determine Target Pages and brainstorm content ideas. Then, they look for sites or companies with overlapping audiences to compile a lot of prospecting angles. Next, they define prospecting angles using Pitchbox. 

If the site is authentic and relevant, Bibi and her team create a long list of guest post ideas. They also make templates exclusively tailored to the site’s prospect list. 

23:10 Pitchbox and other tools

Pitchbox is like a CRM for link-building. You can use it for influencer outreach and email campaigns. Bibi explains that you can also combine it with other tools like ClickUp and Slack to start a lot of automation. 

24:10 How to convince people to accept guest posts

Don’t convince people aggressively. Let it flow naturally. Take a laid-back approach and make a quality pitch that people can’t ignore. 

25:58 Guests post model for movie sites

First, you need to check what kind of movies the site caters to. For example, you can look at successful movies today and create a guest post. You can also talk about the movie industry or list recommendations based on an occasion. 

30:00 Tips on Linkable assets

Bibi’s hack for content explorer is to do an empty search. You don’t search for anything specific, and then you filter on really big numbers of referring domains or big numbers in traffic.

Another tip is to do statistic pieces on linkable assets. So, if you have a strong site, your statistics piece will show up when someone searches for a certain question. 

If you run ads for it, it will jump to number zero, and you won’t have to pay much for those ads because there’s no money in it.

33:50 Why do many link builders never include where the backlink is going in their emails?

Link builders don’t include backlinks in their emails because they might trigger spam. 

36:10 ChatGPT tips for link-building

You can ask ChatGPT specific questions, and the chatbot will list answers. You can use ChatGPT’s answer as your prospect list. 

39:03 Most edgy link-building tactics

Bibi uses personas if the client doesn’t want to use their faces. You can use the Face App and AI tools like Midjourney to create personas. 

42:50 Dutch link-building SEO market

Spammy links still work in the Dutch link-building market. Swedish link-building also has really high response rates.

44:00 Bibi’s advice to aspiring SEO professionals

“Don’t trust anyone,” Bibi says, “Keep your SEO circle tight-knit.” Start reading and exploring SEO immediately if you plan to venture into the SEO market. 

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