Bill Hartzer

Bill Hartzer is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consultant, practicing natural/organic SEO since 1996.

He is a former Digital Marketing/Online Marketing Executive,

He is the Chief Data Scientist DNProtect, which provides domain name protection and domain name recovery services.

Bill is also an internationally-recognized domain name expert, having researched and authored numerous studies, white papers, and case studies.

Please welcome the CEO of Bill Hartzer, LLC – Bill Hartzer!


19:23 – How does Bill get page 1 ranking in Google

For Bill, it’s all about the art of finding the right keyword. Considering how complex Google is, having the right specific keyword can do wonders in ranking your pages up.

21:41 – Bill’s early experiences in learning about SEO

Back then when SEOs are still not a thing, Bill started as an affiliate. And during the early days of Google, he started to learn about cloaking (which was pretty big that time) as well as page optimization.

25:15 – How evolving technology affected Bill in his SEO journey

Bill had a lot of trouble with cloaking as time went on. This is essentially because a lot of engineers who worked on this tech have showed up again and introduced newer ways top keep up with the times. Thus, making Bill and his team had to massage and optimize pages again.

27:15 – Is cloaking still work in today’s time?

According to Bill, cloaking became redundant as years went by when newer tech has taken over. Sometimes, there are appropriate times where you need it, and sometimes not.

28:05 –Did Bill used schema?

With the rise of Schema, Bill haven’t actually delved deep into this tech. However, he believes that schema does add a difference for anybody who uses it.

30:12 – Bill’s history with domain names

As an expert when it comes to domains, Bill started out as someone that buys expired domains and building it from the ground up. In this section, Bill explains the full story of how he got fond of domain names and how it became his expertise.

33:39 – What resources did Bill used in buying expired domains?

With lots of expired domains lying around, Bill usually does a bulk check and see what content and trust flow the domain has. Where he usually gets these bulk domains are from sites such as, for example.

38:24 – Bill’s opinion on exact match domains

Exact match domains are selling like hotcakes before and maybe even up until today. In this section, Bill talks about how exact match domains work and how it can be a hit or miss for your websites.

45:25 – Is there any value of an expired domain that resurrected from the dead?   

Domains that have taken the downward spiral are actually still usable according to Bill. However, this comes with its own share of caveats.

47:43 – How big of an effect does “sandbox” have these days?

Sandboxing can be a pain in the head sometimes for new domains. But for Bill, this is completely avoidable as long as you know the right tricks.

49:28 – The difference between inner pages and the homepage

For Bill, redirecting your domain from homepage to homepage is a bad idea. In this section, watch as Bill talks about homepage and inner page in increasing SEO value for your site.

51:16 – What happens if you buy a domain that went out of business?

There are some pros and cons in buying a domain from a dead business. However, are you willing to take the risk? This is what Bill has to say about this matter.

58:01 – Bill’s definition of a tiered link

Tiered link building is an effective way to know who’s linking to you from site to site. For Bill, tier-linking is a vital SEO method that everyone should never overlook.

1:03:20 – Bill’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

From Bill himself, creating your own site, getting your hands on to a domain, and build with passion is what makes an SEO professional. Not to mention, practicing and having a deeper understanding of how everything works is also important too.



This week from Google released a new search of the record podcast on the topic of
Inclusive language in Search

The group discusses principles behind inclusive writing, examples in different languages, how Search handles indexing and ranking for inclusive writing, and more!

I can totally see inclusive writing as a positive ranking signal for pages. The link to Google inclusive documentation is in the description:

Accessibility for SEOs is becoming more popular these days, which is pretty much a necessity for enterprise SEO.

Aleyda Solis and her guest, this past week on Crawling Mondays, describe The most common accessibility issues.

A great tool to check accessibility is Wave

The link is in the description.

Speaking of accessibility, a great example to write ALT text was just done on a video. Google released a video on their channel called a Year In Search 2021

Every ALT text on your site should be something similar.

Steve Toth release an excellent tip to create SEO Topic Clusters Using Wikipedia Pages

If you are not subscribed to Steve’s newsletter, join 9000+ SEOs now at

Lily Ray was on Duda’s channel this week and told us how to create author bio pages

Speaking of authors, let’s talk to my fellow contributing author in the new SEO in 2022 book!

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Please don’t forget to like and subscribe while I get things ready.

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