Bradley Benner


Bradley started his digital marketing career in 2010. He is the senior partner and co-founder of Semantic Mastery.

Bradley has helped agency owners and SEO consultants know how to build and scale businesses through digital marketing. He teaches SEO techniques that he tried, tested, and proved to work!

Bradley is the host of Hump Day Hangouts, and the organizer of the POFU live.


18:22 Ranking first on Google through Relevance 

Bradley ranks on page one of Google through relevance. Then a lot of research and then figuring out what works. 

35:29 Pick a Brandable  Domain

According to Bradley, picking something brandable rather than using an exact match keyword domain is better. Creating a unique brand and establishing a local entity is important to build SEO as compared to trying to optimize for a generic search term. In the semantic web, it is critical for creating a brand and quickly establishing it as an entity, ultimately facilitating better SEO results.

40:15 Focus on individual keywords

 Bradley suggests that instead of just targeting specific keywords, it’s more effective to optimize for topic terms, which are broader and encompass multiple related keywords. One way to identify topic terms is by looking at Wikipedia entities and how topics are described there. 

Additionally, another area to look at is how Google Business categories can serve as topic terms for local businesses. By examining the capitalization and titles of these categories, one can identify potential topic terms to optimize for.

49:10 Page and site structure over content 

Bradley argues that both page and site structure is crucial for SEO success, and while content is still important, it takes a backseat to structure when determining search engine rankings.

Page structure includes elements like the URL, SEO/meta title, page title (H1), and other headings (H2, H3, etc.). Media (images, videos, etc.) is also relevant in injecting relevance to a page.  A well-structured site aids Google’s crawling efficiency; thus, ensuring a website’s structure is optimized for better rankings is important.

53:05 Optimizing Google Business profiles for local SEO

Optimizing Google Business profiles, particularly by leveraging the Google Business website and emphasizing the brand name alongside relevant terms, can significantly impact local SEO rankings and help reinforce the connections between the brand and relevant entities.

57:43 Link-building strategy in the context of off-page SEO

Bradley explained that relevance is the key factor they consider when building links now. They focus on achieving 100% relevance matching between the target page, the referring page, and the referring domain. They only prioritize quantity or rely on metrics like Ahrefs or Moz once they have verified the relevance of a link source.

1:04:59 Bradley’s advice to aspiring SEO professionals

Get into the SEO industry or become an SEO consultant. Then focus on two key aspects: understanding a specific market and its demands and learning how to sell SEO services effectively.

Market research and understanding the needs and requirements of the target audience within that market are very important. This knowledge will help SEO professionals tailor their services and strategies to address their client’s specific challenges and goals.


This goes back to my comment on developing your authority on Reddit and Quora, another property Google is pulling from comments on high-authority blogs and review sites where parasite seo comes in.

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What’s Goose Egg SEO? Ted Kubaits shares his strategy.

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