Brian W. Piper

Brian W. Piper – Epic Content Marketing Book Co-Author

Guest Bio:

Brian has been optimizing digital content since 1996,

He helps you discover the data-inspired insights to make your business succeed.

He is an author, speaker, Web3 enthusiast and educator,

He understands the complexities of digital content, data, and communication.

He is the co-author of the 2nd edition of the famous Epic Content Marketing Book.

Please welcome Brian W Piper.

Knowledge Bombs:

13:23 – How Does Brian Get Ranking on Page 1 on Google?

It’s all about working with high-domain authority sites! However, suppose you’re working on a regular website. In that case, the most important thing is to produce high-quality content covering subjects frequently sought/asked about online, analyze the data and optimize it over and over!

14:40 – Changing Some Words on Your Blog Content is VERY Powerful!

Brian recommends massaging or “optimizing” a website’s content as a highly successful approach to obtaining high search results. Changing some words on your blog material is one method of doing this, but not just any ordinary term; you’ll need to use highly searched keywords for it to be effective.

22:19 – Optimizing Your Content Using Data

To effectively utilize data to improve your content, you must first plan your strategies/methods and goals. Then ensure your analytics are properly deployed, and you may begin looking at your data. Check the statistics over time to see what’s working and what isn’t, which content connects with which audiences, and so on. After doing all of this, you can narrow things down drastically by examining your material as carefully as possible to ensure that it reaches the appropriate people.

23:10 – Start Targeting High Volume Keywords Today!

According to Brian, based on Google’s eat algorithm, high-volume keywords can easily bring you organic traffic in no time!

25:35 – Know Your Audience! – Knowing your audience’s demands, determining the action you want them to take, and prioritizing their search interest are some of the most effective ways to market your material.

26:30 – How do we determine our audience?

It’s all about chatting or talking with your clients for Brian. One of the most essential things to understand who your real audience is to reach out to those you’re trying to sell your services or content and find out why they contacted you and why they didn’t.

30:30 – What is Web3 Content?

According to Brian, Web3 is the next version/iteration of the internet and is also blockchained-powered. Simply put, with Web3, you’ll be able to own digital assets for the first time.

33:00 – Web2 & Web3’s Main Difference in Content Creation

According to Brian, Web2 is quite centralized, similar to Twitter, where you hand them your data, and they will decide what you see. Web3, on the other hand, is all about decentralizing that process. Users can now choose how they want to get information on the internet and which content they wish to allow people to send to them. You’ll get the right information if you find the proper web-based driving community that offers these types of queries.

35:30 – Brian’s Thoughts on AI-Generated Content

Brian believes using AI-generated material to promote his business is a good idea. For him, you can give or feed wonderful concepts for AI writing tools and let them generate a fantastic first draft for you that you may continue. It’s all about combining and adding a personal touch to the AI-generated material to make it appealing content that connects with the reader. Last but not least, it’s critical to include a human element in all AI-generated content to make it more distinctive in today’s crowded information environment.

36:41 – How to Write Headlines that Are Gonna Capture the Reader

Brian suggests that building clever and “click-baity” titles can really assist you in catching the attention of your target users. Another portion of this procedure is to make your URL one of the most essential components you need to include with high-ranking keywords for optimization. Optimizing your titles for search engines may help you get a lot of traffic, whether for social media posts or newsletters.

37:50 – Content Marketing Framework on Approaching Any Type of Industry

The content marketing framework is quite similar for everyone, according to Brian. The process goes like this: figure out what effective and strategically relevant existing material you have, then evaluate potential new content that you may produce to address all of your target audience’s queries.

39:43 – Brian’s SEO Advice to All Budding SEO Professionals

You just need to do a lot of research, play around, find some sites you can work on for friends, or do some free online work for small company sites to figure out what works and what doesn’t, says Brian. For him, there are many knowledge sources and influencers that you may follow to maximize content marketing and SEO strategies.

Google News:

The July 2002 product ranking update was released this week which should be complete ins about 2-3 weeks.

There are about 14 best practices posted in Google Search Central. The link is in the description.

Matt Diggity is at it again, sharing more link-building tips this week.

Now, who would’ve thought? I’m guilty of glazing past these emails and LinkedIn messages.

I’ll start reading a few to see if I can find some gold nuggets.

How has your success been with these types of methods from link suppliers?

Comment in the live chat or the comment below.

Eric Siu reminds us how we should think about meta titles and descriptions.

I’d say I’ve been working on my headline skills for the past couple of years.

It’s one thing ranking on page 1, but if you can’t get the search to click your link, what’s the point?

A book I highly recommend is Hook Points by Brenda Kane.

I’ve been practicing my headline skills for my Youtube videos.

Sam Oh shares how to promote your video to help your Youtube SEO

If you’re not dabbing into video ads. I will have something ready for yall to check out on video SEO and advertising soon.

One content strategy that has proven to drive a lot of traffic and virality is memes!

This past week, Trung Phan was recently on Kevin Indig’s channel to share his process of creating memes.

Speaking of content, this brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Please ask all your content marketing questions in the live chat, and I will address them in the order they are received.

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