Carlos Spallarossa

Carlos is a 15 year veteran of the digital space, working across several areas of e-commerce. Because of his technical background, SEO was a natural fit. He’s been leading SEO strategy for various brands for the last 10 years, including Toys R US, American Express and presently leading SEO for some big names in the beauty space.

When not working on search strategy, Carlos enjoys spending time with his daughters, cooking, and music.

Carlos currently holds the title of Director of SEO/SEM and Site Optimization lead for the LUXE Division of L’Oreal US

33:18 – How did Carlos get into SEO?

Carlos started as a web developer and eventually get into SEO when he studied engineering, especially involving data and architecture. He then worked for a private equity company where he gets more hands-on into SEO along with a team.

40:43 – Amp and web stories strategies by Carlos

For Carlos, utilizing Google’s “discover” is a big opportunity for him and his team. Aside from that, using amp also helps them to evolve in the e-commerce side of things, especially when it comes to website features.

43:10 – What’s the basis of getting optimized for “discover”?

It’s all about getting back to the basics of the website. For example, making sure your images are tagged properly, making sure their content provides context clues, having titles and headlines that fits, and the like.

44:26 – How do Carlos optimize his websites?

Carlos use enterprise software like BrightEdge, for example. But for him, it’s all about scalability and understanding your platforms well.

46:21 – The process of working with a PR team on board

For Carlos, it’s all about getting people excited of contributing on the team. Doing so lessens the burden to be worried about high level of effort that might not be given.

48:32 – How big is Carlos’ SEO team?

Managing a large SEO team is not a walk in the park. But for Carlos, it’s all about enabling them to be part of the conversation that leads to teamwork. And this is made possible thanks to a framework that helped him organize to ensure everyone is on the same page.

49:42 – How does it feels like working on SEO while staying at home?

Having the right people that are one call away is what made it easier for Carlos to work even while being at home. This also includes making a major shift to digital for their services since the wake of the pandemic.

53:42 – Voice search for an e-commerce site, yay or nay?

Voice search began to take the world by storm in recent times. And for Carlos, implementing voice search is a vital role for sites since it heavily relies on the fundamentals of SEO.

55:19 – Carlos’ tips for people who wants to dive into e-commerce

Carlos highly recommends Schema because of its features and benefits. For him, Schema is the future of e-commerce since this tool also helped him to organize his sites even with the pandemic.

58:38 – How to become an SEO professional according to Carlos

For Carlos, it depends on what the person is currently doing along with their set of skills. No matter if you’re a web developer, marketer, or just a person who knows how to build a website, these can be a starting place to start your SEO journey.


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