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Carolyn Holzman Founder @ American Way Media | Google Indexing & Crawling

Guest Bio

Carolyn has been doing local SEO for over 13 years.

Carolyn is an SEO tester, podcaster, speaker, and media researcher.

She hosts Confessions of an SEO and frequently gets on the SEO Flight Club, and teaches forensic SEO training once a year.

Caroly is the President of American Way Media.

Knowledge Bombs

18:15 Google Ranking On Page 1

According to Carolyn, you should be more topically relevant than 90 others.

 34:53 Results Of the Indexation Test And How

Come up with why one is different. Google announced the product review update on various dates and updated the search console where you look, and it has a right-hand side when you are trying to check your pages. And that is something like all of our sites moves simultaneously. Everybody says it e,v even in different time zones. Carolyn said they got different results on the desktop primary indexation and serviceability when they had the last pushout. She thinks a lot has nothing to do with what we can do but what has to do with Google being broken or hobbled in that system.

36: 58 Approaches to the testing

Carolyn has tested in straight HTML sites, but she’s trying WordPress. The content goes in, and it could be anything, and then put the regular keyword–the simple HTML keyword in the content. And then the JavaScript keyword is like using a little script, and then you break up the letters, which go in the HTML in the backends. You have to look into the code, and the only thing that you can see the keyword is if it’s gone through the second pass. Also, she looks at server logs to confirm that when I hit publish, she sees what happens. In 48 hours, when she tries to search the keywords, her page will come up in the search.

40:35 Addressing the Indexing issue

Every page is going to be indexed. If there were enough reference documents for certain things, it might be the time thing that caused it. If your traffic is coming from Google, that might be a thing where it’s not fair—thinking about what might not make you index everything. Let Google not be the only traffic source; let people click on them and interact.

44:34 Index Algorithm Changes

For ranking or sorting, an algorithm is a correct way to call it; indexing is a system and a process. The machine doesn’t change; what changes is that you scoped out each bot in the server log, and when she started, it was pretty static. The chrome build kept changing and came in with a new one. The Chrome browser builds are going with the most stable version and security updates on things like that.

49:27  Common mistakes you see on website owners

A common mistake is when they have that box that says “discourage search engines,” or the site might have kept a cache. It wasn’t like a dynamic cache that would update and still show if you looked in the source code, and it’s like you got to clear all this out.

Google News

Within the past month, I launched two new sites, and

I was having some issues getting my pages indexed on,

However, on, my pages were all indexed within a day

The only difference I made was create Google PPC ads to promote

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