Charlie Hernandez

Charlie started his sales career as a niche text publication.

In a couple of years, he was a salesman of the year with clients like the US army, LiftMaster, Mattel Toys, Cleveland Clinic, and more.

He pivoted his career to learn web design and land his very first client for 20,000 dollars.

He learned SEO and now does 5 figures monthly for his agency.

He founded a company to teach SEOs & Web designers how to land the right companies and earn more income.

Please welcome, the founder of, Charlie Hernandez!


Knowledge bombs:

25:08 – How did Charlie get into the SEO industry?

Charlie had a job in the magazine industry then left to pursue his career in web design. Through his web design journey, this is where he eventually learned about SEO when he got his first client.

28:46 – How to protect yourself as a freelance web designer

For Charlie, it’s about working with the right companies, and using the right resource tools such as Calendly. As well as observing your competitors with semrush, ahrefs, just to name a few.

30:50 – Prospect tips by Charlie

First things first, you have to act like a CEO of an agency rather than just a freelancer. As per Charlie, you need to balance it up when acting in your profession. Also, you must never think highly of yourself nor look down to your prospects just because you have a higher position.

33:38 – Reaching out prospects, the easy way

For Charlie, reaching out through email or phone number is the easiest way to get to these prospects. Finding prospects through location is crucial too depending on where you live. The nearer it is to you, the higher the probability of success in reaching out.

35:47 – Confidence tips in doing cold calling as explained by Charlie

What gave Charlie confidence is when companies started reaching out to him when he got his first deal. This is where he learned how to practice and act professionally to help people solve their problems by providing solutions instead of just “selling” something.

39:21 – How to scale email outreach

Charlie uses a tool called “woodpecker” that integrates seamlessly to his websites and provides easy management. He also hired a VA that helps him scrape email from directories, especially those that are not-so-important ones.

40:49 – How to qualify leads

Charlie utilizes “Calendly” in making it possible to qualify leads. This is because the tool is so versatile that it allows him to keep track different factors for a potential lead.

44:04 – Service selling tips by Charlie

It’s not a walk in the park to sell services to your prospective clients. According to Charlie, it’s all about building trust when making transactions with them. With a trust that’s earned, this will make your client to keep coming back for more for your services.

47:22 – What does “True Value” mean for Charlie

One of the taglines that Charlie uses in his company shows how to command someone’s “true value”. But what does this actually mean? In this section, he gives us an insight on the real meaning of this true value and how it affects your SEO journey.

48:39 – How does Charlie close SEO deals?

Building trust, reaching out through cold calling, and identifying the problem are the best way to close deals according to Charlie.



Earlier this week, Google started releasing a broad core update called the June 2021 Core Update.

More info on the update can be found on their blog. The link is in the description.

How we update Search to improve your results

Be sure to communicate this update to your stakeholders or clients and give them a brief explanation and that you will be monitoring the SERPs.

Steve Toth of drops another nice SEO nugget in one of his notes on using the FAQ schema to drive bottom-funnel conversions.

For your enterprise SEO, you can start put links to your product demos here. I know I will!

On Kalicube Tuesdays this past week with Jason Barnard, a past guest on the show, and Andy Crestodina tells us why it essential to have a bio page.

Did you know there are 20 schema markups to add to your bio page to help you establish your entity? Watch the full video to see what those are.

Side note. I will be launching a personal development and branding youtube channel on my personal channel very soon. If you interested in how I built this show from the ground up, be sure to follow my personal account

Nathan Gotch drops some knowledge on his channel this week on the habits of wealthy SEO Experts. Let’s check on out.

Bhanu last week also mentions how he followed the 20/80 rule, and look where Rank Math is at now!

Speaking of Rank Math drop, I love SEO in the chat, giving away a one-year pro license to 3 lucky winners next week.

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This brings me to my favorite part of the show. If you have any questions, please ask them during our conversation, and I will address them in the order they were received.

Let’s learn how to sell ourselves and our SEO services to make limitless income.

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