Chase Reiner

Chase has been doing SEO for over eight years

In just a few years he built an SEO agency driving 40k- 50k a month in revenue.

He soon built a business around himself as an SEO educator and affiliate marketer who brings in over $300k in annual revenue.

He built an SEO following on Youtube with over 46,000 subscribers.

Please welcome the Make money man, Chase Reiner!


23:11 – The importance of having a checklist

Having a checklist is a huge lifesaver for SEO professionals, especially for marketers. For Chase, this helps automate process smoothly without the hassle of doing stuff manually in a traditional way.

25:46 – How did Chase get into SEO?

During his younger years, Chase has been to multiple jobs until he landed on Radio Shack. Chase started to create business cards during his time on Radio Shack where he would offer fixing technical stuff. He was then discovered by a company where he was hired to help anything about web pages and eventually learned about SEO.

30:23 – What resources did Chase use in learning SEO?

Chase learned SEO through reading blogs and books as well as watching SEO how-to videos on YouTube too. For him, reading a bunch of stuff helped him to be knowledgeable about SEO even without taking any courses.

32:10 – How did Chase made money in livestreams?

Chase’s early days on YouTube is actually a rough start. He is not earning from ads or doing courses not until he made content about audits. This is the time where people started to discover him until he eventually gained traction because of it.

34:03 – Chase’s successful journey in the affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not really Chase’s first choice back then. In fact, he actually discovered the usefulness of affiliate links at a very late state and he sees this as one of the big mistakes he made. And for him, making money about affiliates all lies in how you make content about it.

39:52 – Is Chase working with a team for checklists? Or is it all by himself?

Chase hires people for one-off tasks where he would find workers on Fiverr, for example. On the other hand, he also has a team to help him out, especially for much complicated tasks.

53:27 – What does “right mindset” mean for Chase?

For Chase, it’s all about staying away from the things that he’ll get sucked into. For example, his video game addiction is one of the things that he got rid of. Thus, giving him time to achieve his goals without hassle. In this in-depth section, Chase gives us a deep look of how he achieved the right mindset.

56:43 – Is PBN good or bad?

Our perception to PBN depends on how we handle it. And for Chase, it’s up to you on how you should make money in Google, especially when it comes to ranking. Then this is the time where you can decide whether PBN is actually good or bad for you.

1:02:06 – Chase’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

For Chase, it’s about making small victories. And to do that, you have to make your own website and experiment even if the chances of success might be too low. Not being afraid to take the risk and diving into possibilities is your key to greater heights.


Let’s start with some Google news. John Muller posted a few new videos. Let’s check it out.

Google Search Console is a must for all SEOs. It’s very powerful, and it’s FREE!

On the Inlinks channel, Colan Nielsen reminds us why we should take Google’s guideline for a grain of salt and not act right away

If you are quick to act on Google’s guidelines, you could be missing out on an opportunity for more traffic.

I personally still use the gold stars schema and get excellent click-through rates. It still works for me.

I received an email from Ipullrank promoting a webinar.

and Mike King covers a topic we briefly spoke about last week, Zipf’s Law.’

Let listen in on what he has to say.

I found Mike King’s explanation pretty easy to understand.

He goes talking about TF IDF and how it relates to Zipf’s Law.

The webinar is a must-watch for all SEOs link is in the description.

Neil Patel reminds us of one of the most significant impacts on SEO. Let’s listen in

I say this every week I’m big on brand searches,

Whether it’s your personal brand, you’re your companies brand, be sure to find ways to increase your brand queries like press releases or event sponsorships.

Neil will be a special guest on the show is about four weeks. Hit that notification bell.

We’ve heard a lot about ranking with little or no backlinks.

Kyle Roof explains the Compound SEO Theory on how this is a real thing

So how do you create content in your tier?

Create semantic content using tools like Cluster AI, In link, or my Keyword Cupid.

Be sure to tune in next week as I bring on the founder of keyword cupid Leo Soulus

On SEO Fight Club this week, Ted Kubaitis covers SEO checklists.

They broke down a particular SEO checklist, and Ted shared his 2500 item checklist.

Be sure to check that out.

Do you know who has his free elaborate checklist? My guest today!

If you have any questions on making money with SEO, affiliate SEO, local SEO, or any SEO question, I’m sure Chase can answer them.


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