Chima Mmeje

SEO Video Show EP109: Chima Mmeje – Content Strategist and SEO Copywriter @ Zenith Copy

Guest Bio:

Chima is an SEO copywriter specializing in creating SEO-optimized web copy that drives traffic and increases conversions for your online businesses.

Chima is an SEO strategist for SaaS companies like Wix and Semrush.

Chima’s specialty is building topic clusters and executing them as long-form content pieces.

Chima is also the founder of the Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries.

Knowledge Bombs:

16:30 – How does Chima get a ranking on page one of Google?

Find low-volume keywords, create content for reads, optimize and promote links, Chima directly said.

22:43 – About the freelance coalition in developing countries

Chima shared that the freelance coalition is a non-profit set-up to provide mentorship to help community members. Additionally, it serves to close the knowledge and skill gap and gain access to networks that can help them find better clients and remote work.

24:15 – What is a topic cluster?

For Chima, a topic cluster is the most organized way to create content rather than writing and expecting it to rank. 

26:13 – SEO Optimization Process

Chima highlights that optimation starts with the brief content ensuring that you produce content with subheadings,  have the right internal links, and have an opportunity to link to other pieces in the cluster or space.

33:13 – How to build a topic cluster?

Chima advises what you want people to think when they hear your brand name. She added to find the closest keyword with the most search volume for that word and then start building a cluster.

35:33 – What parts can writers optimate?

Plug your topic into some rush magic keyword tool, download everything that comes up, but manually pick the important words.

38:05 – Niche – Can you rank with simple content?

Chima points out that no niche can’t make the text readable or can’t simplify ways that should at least someone can grasp what you are talking about.

39: 42 – How do you ensure the process that yields the most for your clients?

Goal alignment is what Chima sets as the priority of all – ensure that the process gives you results. Then create a repeatable process – don’t try to prevent the real track.

41:00 – 10x Topical Authority

Chima goes over the thought on topic clusters – how to build them, especially using Spreadsheet. 

42:12 – Relationship between topic clusters and brand authority

Chima said that building topic clusters are to rank in your users’ minds. The thought is for the users to think about how good your brand is.

45:20 – Advice on someone who wants to get into the SEO industry

Chima advises to figure out your roots – what you want to do. Finding where your expertise and owning your niche are and then start everything from there.

Google News:

Google releases a quick short on How to ensure your web pages look good across mobile devices.

We all know Google wants us to be optimized for mobile, so be sure to check out your site on different devices with this chrome feature

Google’s Search On 22 took place this week.

I haven’t had a chance to dive into the content, but this weekend.

You can always find SEO nuggets from the Search On presentations.

Here’s a quick highlight from Marie Haynes

Visual search optimization was brought up by Crystal Carter a few episodes ago, be sure ot check that out

Seamlessly Integrating SEO For Product Launches Aja Frost shares her experience on SEJ

In my experience as an SEO, I’ve helped the product marketing team in the actual naming of features with search volume.

If you are not working with your product marketing team on your SEO strategy, the time is not to make that connection.

Ross Hudgens shares How to Grow Your SEO Agency Sustainably on Crawling Mondays

Process documents are essential for anyone who has employees or virtual assistants helping them out.

It helps them out and your business as an agency or consultant.

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Please ask questions, and I will address them in the order they are received.

Before I introduce our guest, here is a work from our sponsor.

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