Chris Tabb

Chris Tabb is the creator of The Local Lighthouse where he leads tech strategy, activation and measurement of customer facing marketing efforts.

Currently is a data-driven marketing instructor at General Assembly and director of analytics and SEO at PureCars.

Prior to starting The Local Lighthouse, Chris was the lead technologist at Edelman where he oversaw strategy for top-tier clients including Activision, Cisco, Bush Beans, Netflix, Starz, and T Rowe Price.

Chris is also recognized in the marketing space for his experience with data orchestration, tech stack alignment, and customer identity resolution.


26:42 – How did Chris get into SEO?

Chris was looking a way to invest back in the days. He started working on an agency, but eventually realizes that he doesn’t want to be stuck in this same ground for too long. However, being in an agency helped him to hone his skills about all things SEO.

31:50 – How PureCars started

PureCars, Chris’ company won’t be possible without his first company Optimize Organic. In this brief section, Chris gives us an insight how Optimize Organic merged over to be reborn as PureCars.

32:42 – Local Lighthouse, your new SEO best friend

Looking for an all-in-one SEO service that will greatly enhance your business website? Chris’ Local Lighthouse is what you need. Want to know more? Watch him explain all the features and benefits you get with this service in this section.

37:50 – Chris’ advice for people who wants to dive into SEO

Being relentlessly passionate, being an avid SEO learner, and gaining experience is what made Chris to be successful in his SEO journey. And he believes that having these factors will grant sweet success for anyone who wants to start their SEO journey too.

43:28 – GMB and Local Lighthouse integration possible?

Google My Business, or GMB for short, is a verification tool that has been making the rounds as of late. But for Chris, he thinks that this only benefits a small segment of businesses.


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