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▷ SEO Video Show EP119: Cindy Krum-Founder @mobilemoxie | Mobile SEO and Marketing

Guest Bio:

Cindy has brought fresh and creative ideas about SEO and ASO since 2005. Cindy regularly speaks at national and international trade events as she launches the first mobile-focused SEO tool sheet.

Cindy was named one of the top 10 most influential SEOs by USA today last 2022. Many respected publications have quoted her, including PC World, Internet Retailer, Techworld, Direct Magazine, and Search Marketing Standard. 

Cindy is the author of Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers To No Matter Where They Are

Knowledge Bombs:

19:46 The Best and Unique Content Is The Way To Go First In Ranking!

Cindy emphasized that producing the best and most unique content is critical for ranking. Furthermore, Cindy said that you have to write something that gives people value and then combine it with the right cluster of keywords, right topics, right links, and topical authority. Cindy added that ranking on the webpage is more challenging than ranking videos or images, so just go for the short line and rank what is easier.

25:40 Mobile SEO focuses on getting that click

According to Cindy, Mobile and Desktop SEO operate under the same concepts and theories. Still, as Google changed its recommendations, both changed how they function and gave the user and business experiences. But generally, Cindy said that as Google’s recommendation changed, mobile SEO became more focused on getting the click in the search result of the mobile query, especially since various interactivity is distracting users from making the click.

30:05 Factors That Differentiate Mobile SEO

Cindy said that Google crawls both websites and mobile, but if you only have content on your website and mobile, you will most likely not rank high. Aside from that, Cindy explained that in Mobile SEO, you should also look at optimizing the loading time and the rendering of services to know what Google wants and does not want.

37:49 Industries That Could Benefit From Mobile SEO

It is a lot more about the industry, especially low-cost and low-risk industries since they are more likely to have mobile conversions. Cindy also mentioned that it would depend on the business’s products or services. People now search for big purchases such as cars and houses through their phones. Cindy concludes it by saying that it is not regional and more vertical.

41:43 User Experience In Mobile SEO

Cindy explained that a good user experience in Mobile SEO would be more on having a fast loading and responsive that will work on different mobile sizes. Additionally, it should have the same content, links, and navigation as the desktop counterpart.

46:05 On Converting Visitors Into Leads In Real Estate

According to Cindy, you have to give people as much information as possible to help them make the best decisions, like having buttons that allow them to save information. You can also with added features that allow them to screenshot it, share it with others, and give them a bailout option. Lastly, providing a good Call to Action makes it the perfect combo. 

47:39 Handling Font Sizes In Sites

Cindy mentioned that there are ways to handle fonts called EMS, which has existed for a long time. According to her, an EM is relative font size, so you have like heading tags, but in EMS, you’ll have an EM level one, two, three, and four, with EM1 being the biggest.

49:03 On App Search Optimization

Search App optimization ensures that the apps rank where they should, including in the Google Play Store and iTunes app store. Cindy also adds that it encompasses getting the right traffic for the right keywords and categories. Moreover, according to Cindy, ASO tools look at the specific places with app rankings, with an app packs feature that functions like a map that helps rank, especially in a mobile search result. Lastly, she mentioned that star ratings and searching from Google, which has its own algorithm, will play a factor in ASO.

52:44 Tips To Rank Apps On Google Searches

According to Cindy, it is not about the schema, especially if you promote the app across various sites with different algorithms. But she said that all of them use static up-ranking factors. These would include the title, subtitle or short title, the long description that is more for Android than iOS, and the category. Cindy also recommends looking at download volume, velocity, reviews, and star ratings. 

54:53 How To Grow As An SEO Professional

Cindy advised me to think like a business owner and think like a consumer and then be able to shift gears. So if you’re going into consulting or working with an agency, and you have customers, you have to think like your customer and understand that they probably want most to make money from the service you provide. You have to make them feel like there’s a holistic and reliable strategy to protect and keep their business safe from all the  Google changes that may put them at risk. 

57: 07 Do Backlinks Help With ASO

Cindy shared that Google used to have a policy that said that if you did something called Deep linking from your website to your app to help you join and connect pages. For a time, that helped rankings, but Google backed off of that communication, and she thinks it would not work anymore. However, while it will not help much,  linking the specific app will help that page come up on Google.

Google Ads

My favorite strategy for earning links is still producing content with experience and first-party data.

Using first-party data can establish you as an expert in any industry.

Does an aged domain matter in SEO?

Ted Kubaitis answers

Whenever I find an expired domain, I build a site on it quickly to get pages indexed and make some authority for future use.

That was today’s last video, bringing me to my favorite part of the show.

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