Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a Scottish entrepreneur, digital marketer, SEO specialist, content writer, author, and keynote speaker.

He is best known for affiliate marketing and has over 18 years of experience as a digital marketer.

He is an expert in social media management and has built a massive network to provide immediate exposure for brands and businesses.

He spoke at Chiang Mai SEO, Brighton SEO, Search Leads, Affiliate World Europe, NFG Rockstars, Semrush, and MB Summit.

He has been featured in several media outlets such as Forbes, GlobeNewsWire, PRNewswire, and others.

He currently holds the most famous episode on the SEO Video Show.

Please welcome an award-winning SEO, Craig Campbell!

Crime Lord Episode with Craig Campbell

20:54 – How long did Craig knew that CTR was a ranking factor in SEO?

It all started when Craig built a page back and then he noticed that there is little to no progress in gaining traction. Luckily, he tried testing it on social media and surprisingly got higher CTR rate with the help of these platforms alone.

22:43 – Craig’s journey into SEO

In an early age, Craig became very hungry of how the internet works. When he got a job on a company and discovered how poor their website looks and performs, this is where Craig’s curiosity lighted up and started to learn about SEO.

26:54 – What resources did Craig have in learning SEO?

Craig started with books but leaned into SEO forums more where he met like-minded people. With forums being the thing back in the days, he mostly gains knowledge SEO thanks to connections inside such forums.

29:44 – Craig the backlink King

If you have been around on the SEO world for a while now, you may have heard about Craig being renowned as the backlink King. In this in-depth section, Craig explains how this kind of success became possible for him.

35:35 – Does Craig consider himself as a blackhat?

There might be a chance that people will call Craig a blackhat for his SEO methods. But for Craig, it’s all about having a winning mentality of doing what works best. Especially when it comes to content that will truly stand out in the internet.

39:59 – Doing SEO training the “Craig” way

Most of Craig’s free courses are mostly aimed for beginners to make it easier to understand and sink in. But once a person is done with these courses, Craig offers an intensive one-on-one consultancy where he can elaborately teach more about all things SEO.

43:49 – How did Craig managed his YouTube SEO journey?

It’s interesting how Craig managed to handle the crunch of releasing videos weekly on his YouTube account. In this section, he gave us an insight of how the flow of his videos work and why having a team that you can rely on is very important.

46:48 – Influential people are your best buddies

For Craig, it’s all about not putting too much stress and by surrounding yourself with influential people in the SEO industry. With the right people in your hands, becoming an SEO professional is made possible as well as pairing it with hard work.

52:03 – Craig’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

For Craig, it’s about not putting pressure in becoming an SEO professional. But rather being a person that is good on something, especially in your chosen niche. For him, he spent 18 years to get where he is now that’s why having patience is so important.


Hey, hey, welcome to another episode of the SEO Video show where SEO is alive and fun!

My name is Paul Andre de Vera, aka DRE, and I curate SEO videos released within the past week into 1 min clips.

My favorite part of the show is when I get to introduce my guest.

And my guest this week is award-winning SEO and movie star Craig Campbell.

Before we get started, I wanted to say hay to everyone in the chat.

Some winner did not claim their copy of the Mastering In-house SEO book, so I’ll be giving away a few more copies before I have them sent out.

I’ll do some pop quizzes and give three copies to the top questions asked in the live chat.

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First with Google news.

On Google Serch Central, a new case study was posted on how large images in Discover improve CTR and increase visits to publisher sites.

Google recommends using the robots meta tag max-image-preview: large.

This indicates that Google can feature publishers’ images in large formats,

creating a more compelling and engaging user experience when their content appears on Search surfaces, like Discover.

This week’s video curation ties in all together from researching for topics and creating content.

Let’s start with John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility on using Google trends to find topics to get easy SEO traffic.

John also covers Google Question Hub.

It’s still in beta, but it is something everyone should take a look at for topics.

Google has a bunch of questions that need

You have to create a page that answers the question and submit your page.

I’m a huge advocate of creating semantic content.

The SMA MArketing channel just released its steps on how to optimize a page for semantic SEO. Let’s check it out.

One of the easiest ways to get my content writers to write semantically is by typing your topic or keyword into a Google search.

Grab a few “People also ask” questions and use or answer them in your subheadings

Scroll to the bottom of the Google search and use as much of the related searches in the body

And finally, include words aka entities found on top of the image search.

Ok, once you have your content created, how do you make it “better” than your competitors?

Sam Oh from ahrefs give us four criteria to assess content quality

Now that you have the best content, the last thing I do is internal linking.

What is Internal Linking?

Jess Bonacci from WebFX explains.

How to create your internal link building strategy

I do find related content on my sites to internal link my pages is using the keyword.

Whatever pops up on Google is what I link to each other and my target page.

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