Dana Tan

Dana is a classical musician and a veteran of the SEO industry (also a real veteran.

She graduated from Full Sail University with a Master of Science degree in Internet Marketing.

She has been doing enterprise-level SEO for 18 years and specializes in technical and eCommerce SEO and is currently the head of SEO for Under Armour in Baltimore.

Please welcome Dana Tan!

25:19 – What got you into SEO, and what led you to speak in conferences?

Dana is one of the prominent figures in the SEO community that women look up to today. But before she started her journey into SEO, she started with humble beginnings as a “classical musician.” Dana shares her background of how she fully went from a musician to a full-time SEO general manager!

33:40 – Networking Tip for SEO Marketers

As an expert public speaker in SEO, Dana gave out some huge pointers of what she did to overcome shyness and gain control over the crowd!

41:00 – Difference between In-house SEOs and Agency SEOs

Suppose you didn’t know, Dana did both In-house SEO and Agency SEO services. Her career revolved around providing clients with In-house and Agency SEO services. In this section, she shared the key differences between the two and how the two of them.

45:42 – How SEOs can build better relationships w/ developers – by Dana

In this section, Dana shared her experiences with a co-worker before and explained how amazing it is to build better relationships w/ developers during work. According to Dana, SEOs and Devs can work together harmoniously – and this can lead to better results because the impact of these two departments working together is big.

53:50 – The Under Armour SEO Team

As the Global Senior Manager of SEO at Under Armour, Dana explains how her team works and what they do for the company.

1:01:44 – A Prime Example from Dana’s Presentation on “Avoiding SEO Disasters.”

One of Dana’s most recent presentations talks about Avoiding SEO Disasters. In this section, Dana shares one of her experiences before, specifically about ‘Robots.text.file.’ For Dana, you don’t touch SEO specified things if you’re not an SEO.

1:07:18 – What role does Link Building play in Enterprise SEO?

For Dana, this was a very important question since most of her clients are at the enterprise level. She explains how important it is to know the technicalities in link-building for enterprise SEO.

1:12:52 – Dana’s professional advice for those who want to get into SEO

As an expert in the SEO field, Dana shared some of her best tips to become better at SEO. She believes that if you start your blog or website and start digging around and exploring more about it, you’ll eventually be good at it. For her, that’s the best way to learn more about SEO.

Link to videos in this episode:

Google News: The newly branded Google Search Central channel, formerly Google Webmasters release a video on SEO for government and authority websites which is pretty much SEO 101 for any site really. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNh_-xPhTzM&t=254s

The 1st Google Search Central Branded Hangout went live last week. It’s the same format with just a different name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAg6CIUG3Kg

Episode 10 of the Search off the Record podcast was released this week. If you’re not listening to this podcast, you should. There’s a lot of nuggets that get dropped with the conversion between Gary, John, and Martin. Let’s listen to how AMP is indexed. https://youtu.be/xPuT1SbFamk?t=381

Speaking of indexing. Mathew Woodward just released a new video series called Unboxed SEO on his YouTube channel and this clip is all about what he calls index bloat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCHOCzd5roo

More on indexing this week is on Google passage indexing. Which is a very hot topic right now. Here’s a great over of what is passage indexing is and how you can help Google get passages ranked. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8U4F-Gngy4

Barry Adams Google News Newsletter. Join the newsletter at https://www.seoforgooglenews.com/

What companies look for when hiring an SEO expert. As you know my goal for the channel is to get more people into the SEO industry. Here are some traits you need to work on when getting your first SEO job https://youtu.be/TDUKq0yJ-M0?t=125

Ross Simmonds talks about a content marketing strategy I always recommend to implement at companies I work with let’s check out

Other similar ideas I’ve recommend are creating customer directories on your clients’ sites.

OK with content you need backlinks. John from Ignite Visibility give us his top ways to build backlinks in 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrh974qmbjk&t=148s

A question I get all the time is How Long Does SEO Take? Chris from A Nerd’s World gives a fun answer. Check out his response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MtZqhGCTL0

With all jokes aside it really depends. I’d say at the minimum of 3 weeks for longer less competitive keywords and it just gets longer from there

SEMrush had a 5 Hours of Technical SEO webinar this week which is what my guest this week specializes in, but before we get to her, here’s an insightful clip from the webinar by Duane Forrester https://youtu.be/CFrnNJ99BD4?t=1017

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