Darren Shaw

SEO Video Show EP104: Darren Shaw | Founder @Whitespark | Local SEO

Guest Bio:

Darren has been working on the web for over 19 years and loves everything about local SEO

Darren leads research initiatives such as the Local Search Ranking Factors survey and the Local Search Ecosystem.

Darren is a regular contributor to search marketing publications and speaks at conferences around the globe.

Knowledge Bombs:

17:32 – How does Darren get a ranking on Page 1?

Darren suggests topping the local pack as it is also where he is more focused. Getting your categories right on Google is critical and creates a huge role.

25:47 – Local Search vs. Google Search

Local search works the same as organic search; you have to do all this stuff; it also involves using Google’s business profile to drive the optimization process and reviews. 

28:24 – Local Search Ranking Factor Survey

Darren explained that a ranking factor survey is a type of survey where you ask about the significant and ideal factors for ranking local results and priorities. He also presented the top five supporting ideas of the latter.

35:09 – First Things First

Darren presented the top steps for ensuring you can get your online business quickly by searching locally. He added that getting through it is a big process and that you must get it done immediately. 

38:16 – What are Citations?

The citation mentions your name, address, and phone number, traditionally a business directory. The latter will then contribute to the local rankings, Darren explained.

40:31 – Upcoming Tests

Darren highlights the idea of AI and how Google transmits the photo that it registers and will automatically tell you what that photo is. 

43:24 – Reviews and Keywords

Getting keywords in your reviews is a positive impact, Darren suggests. By leaving a review from people,  you can give them a card that has a QR code or a short link to make it easy for them and you to track down the said reviews.

45:25 – Links

Darren implies that the right audience can link to you through next-level content. 

47:13 – Suspensions

Darren reflects on how getting suspensions suck, so he advises filing a reinstatement request which can take up to two to four weeks. 

49:16 – Getting into SEO

Darren advises following the key educational sources, understanding what impacts local rankings, get a test client and a local rank tracker that can help you measure the impact that is valuable to the local rankings.

Google News:

Check out the complete video, where they share several test results for you to implement or test yourself.

That’s it for this week’s SEO updates which bring me to my favorite part of the show.

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