David Bain

David helps B2B brands to grow and nurture their audiences through his podcast, YouTube, and book production services.

A digital marketing pioneer, podcast host, and producer, he started his first online business in 2000.

He has been doing SEO since 2004 at multiple international marketing agencies.

His first podcast was in 2006, and in 2014 he founded Digital Marketing Radio that currently has 270 episodes.

He’s worked with several global organizations, including Google and Nespresso.

He delivered dozens of digital marketing training sessions and hosted hundreds of podcasts, webinars, and online summits.

He has a Udemy classroom with over 111k students.

Please welcome the author of SEO in 2022 and the founder of Casting Cred, David Bain!


20:30 – SEO Tips for Starters
It’s important to think about keyword phrases that are yet to be popular. Furthermore, building multiple forms of content is the most important part to back up the keyword data you are building.

23:48 – Landing Page Trick
The best way to have a better click-through rate for your ads is by utilizing what you put on your landing page. It’s pretty easy! For example, having an image pointing to the ad on the landing page is a great way to do this.

34:02 – David’s Modified Google’s 3H Content Marketing Model
In this one, David showed a modified 3H marketing model where he added 3 additional H’s, which are called “heart, happy, human”. This modified version by David allows creators to break the barriers of making content that can effectively gain traction.

37:27 – Advice in Starting a Podcast for Beginners
Nowadays, podcast listeners are craving for more compared to before. This includes the quality of your audio and content has to be given thought as well. This is prominent in today’s time where podcasts are growing, making you have a lot of competitors along the way.

48:31 – Deciding What Tips are Great to Include in Creating Books
Making books are easier said than done. But by partnering with the right people when doing such masterpieces, you will have a content-filled book that’s rich in tips and content.

53:25 – The Power of AI in SEO
Artificial Intelligence continued to evolve as of late. This is why now is the time to implement it on content creation. Whether it’s SEO creation, generating content, there are a lot of possibilities with the help of AI.


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