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Doug Cunnington – Founder @ Niche Site Project | Keyword Golden Ratio

Guest Bio:

Doug writes about affiliate marketing, SEO, and productivity.

His work has been featured all over the web, including Hubspot, Ahrefs, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation and more.

He is an Internet Marketer, Course Creator, and a Project Management Professional

He is the founder of Niche Site Project and the Doug Show.

Please welcome Doug Cunnington!


Knowledge Bombs:

17:38- How does Doug get page one ranking on Google?

Publishing high-quality content and getting backlinks is what made Doug to get around Google’s page one.

18:17 – Doug’s first steps into SEO

Doug first got into SEO when he joined the smart passive income podcast that was hosted by Pat Flynn. Doug was not interested in SEO at first but then he realized its potential and why more and more people are clinging into it.

21:00 – How did Doug actually learn SEO?

Doug sees SEO as a loose term because it is an ever-evolving piece of tech where what works before might not work today. That’s why Doug learned SEO on his own through practice and trial and error. He did all of this with the help of listening to SEO podcasts interviews.

24:13 – Doug’s journey in creating SEO content on YouTube

When YouTube became a hit back then, Doug uses this as an opportunity to share learnings and content that focuses on SEO. This is where people started to discover him and continued making SEO videos up to this day.

33:29 – How does Doug deal with negative comments on his YouTube content?

Having negative comments is a sign that there are actual people that are watching your videos, as what Doug said. He advices that you should never spend too much time on those negative comments unless you view it as “fun” where you can “troll” them back. Aside from that, he also suggests to use these negative comments as a stepping stone for improvement.

36:53 – What tools does Doug use for keyword research, cluster creation, and article outline?

To ease out Doug’s SEO duties, he uses tools such as AHERFS and KW finder, just to name a few. For him, it doesn’t matter what tools you use because what matters is how you execute and utilize it based on your skillset.

39:09 – The “keyword golden ratio” as explained by Doug

Doug is known as the inventor of the keyword golden ratio in the SEO industry. In this section, he gives us an in-depth explanation about this technique, and how it can help your SEO journey. For short, it’s best to be used for finding long tail keywords through the help of Google’s advanced search commands.

40:40 – What part of affiliate marketing does Doug utilize in promoting his websites?

In this section, Doug gives us an in-depth insight of how one can use affiliate marketing as a way to promote websites.  And for him, it’s about finding the right niche and what platform suits best based on it that you want to use.

43:50 – How does Doug find competitors that aren’t found using the #allintitle

According to Doug, finding competitors that use the #allintitle technique is quite impossible for normal users, since this one is mostly used by SEOs only. That’s why he suggested making a normal search and see if the results can favor you based on what kind of approach you want to do.

45:28 – Knowing more about Growth Trifecta

Growth Trifecta, as explained by Doug based on his personal experience, is the act of being a mentor to a person and helping them grow as they tackle on different areas of SEO.

49:51 – Does having a shorter domain name in affiliate websites improve ranking?

Doug says that having shorter domain names does not help in improving your site’s ranking.

50:23 – What “unusual” old link building strategies that are still considered “unusual” for our time?

Link building strategies comes in different types, and there are some which are unusual but are still pretty helpful for SEOs. For Doug, creating a network for your niche is an unusual strategy for his time that is still effective today. This includes being part of a group, and integrating yourself in a community where you can be with link-minded people.

54:23 – Doug’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Building a network, doing self-study, and finding a mentor is Doug’s advice for people who want to dive into the SEO industry. Not to mention, learning from people that are already ahead of you is a big bonus too.


This Post is Dedicated To:

This episode is dedicated to the late Bill Slawski, who passed away yesterday.

Google News:

Google recently updated its title link documentation.

Best practices include:
• Make sure every page on your site has a title specified in the title element.
• Write descriptive and concise text for your title elements
• Avoid keyword stuffing
• Avoid repeated or boilerplate text in title elements.
• Brand your titles concisely.
• Make it clear which headline is the main headline
• Be careful about disallowing search engines from crawling your pages.

The link to the updated documentation is in the description

We all know high CTR is good for SEO, and every time I find ways to help clickable titles, I’m watching it.

Here are 3 of 5 tips for a clickable title by Google for Creators

I love the tip on using sensory keywords and will now always think about how I can stimulate a sense with words.

As we dedicate this episode to Bill, let’s watch what he has to say to become an SEO professional

Be sure to watch episode 3 for the entire episode and all the knowledge bombs he drops.

Mathew Woodward posted a new video this week on calculating the Link Gap Easily.

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