Erik Newton

Erik is a full-stack marketing leader driving acquisition, engagement, and retention from messaging to product to acquisition and through renewal. Managed marketing teams, covering product marketing, acquisition, retention, media, mobile, advocacy, display, search, affiliates, e-mail, web development and site content management, e-commerce, multivariate testing, and sales forecasting and budgeting.

13:59 – Best practices in doing SEO for pages
For Erik, it’s best to give the utmost attention when optimizing pages. This includes having high-quality internal links making sure that they are working well for your site, giving content through social media sites, and more.

15:12 – The difference between an in-house SEO and agency SEO
SEO Agencies gives you a larger brand volume according to Erik. However, brand is never the challenge when it comes in capturing an SEO opportunity. But it’s about how to optimize SEO aspects whether hiring a dev team (which is useful for in-house) or relying on the technological side of things.

17:00 – Three ways in extracting Technical SEO by Erik
In this section, Erik explains three effective ways to extract technical SEO that you can use for your pages. The fun part, it’s useful for both newbies and professionals too!

18:39 – Erik’s tip for people who wants to get into SEO
Be willing to do boring things gives you the peace of mind of not worrying about the competition when diving into SEO according to Erik. What’s more, you can also use this as a playground to hone your SEO skills too!

23:25 – Why do SEO experts give speeches?
For Erik, doing speeches is about sharing your knowledge. It creates a bond that allows you to educate others, which is very important for our emerging SEO industry as of late.

27:07 – Implementing AMP pages as explained by Erik
You need to do some decent amount of effort in getting AMP pages up. But for Erik, using the right software can make things go smoothly when implementing amps.

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