Erin Sparks

Erin is the founder and president of Site Strategics.

He has become a recognized authority in the American Disabilities Act (ADA) arena regarding website compliance and testing.

He partnered with the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) as a judge of the most recent competition and has enhanced the new media education curriculum for high school students.

He is also the creative force behind the EDGE of the Web Radio podcast, which has produced over 350 episodes over the last decade.

Please welcome one of my inspirations for the SEO Video Show, Erin Sparks!


20:03 – How does Erin get page one ranking on Google?

Doing good research and understanding how Google’s AI works are the key in fulfilling what customers are looking for, according to Erin. Hence, making you rank higher on Google’s page one.

21:12 – When did Erin first got into SEO?

Erin first got into SEO around 1998 where he started developing BBS systems. One of his tools came with a web server which he uses to serve websites, until he became interested in web development and starting learning SEO.

24:44 – The birth of EDGE of the Web

Erin and his team have been into different radio stations back in the days, and an idea came into his mind that these recordings in their radio guesting can be turned into an audio podcast. When they got a hold of the recordings, Erin and the team started building a website and used it to build their podcast.

26:47 – What are the benefits of having a podcast?

For Erin, it’s about the learning process that him and his team gained from the podcast. This is because listeners consume different types of content in their own way. This became a challenge that Erin and his team has to face, hence making EDGE of the Web to where it is today.

29:30 – How does Erin choose content that helps his listeners gain learnings?

Erin got a lot of resources in his hands of what topics to share in his podcast. But these resources had to be carefully stripped down so he can find out what is ubiquitous to discuss, and to see what he and his team want to rank.

36:22 – What’s the size of Erin’s team?

Erin’s team is pretty much average but has a lot of connections. What’s more, is that they are partnering with a marketing firm that is on the same building as them, which he considers as a part of their team s well.

37:57 – How to warm up an SEO campaign for a movie that only has a teaser trailer?

For Erin, it’s about having a number of interesting pieces of information that relates to the teaser trailer itself. This includes having special information that puts curiosity to the audience of what’s to come.

40:18 – How can we achieve a higher ranking for products on eCommerce sites?

Utilizing schema is the perfect way to get higher ranking for eCommerce products, as per Erin. This is because Google now has a feature to get sentences from customer reviews. Thus, making this a perfect string where you can write content about it.

42:10 – How do we rank for Google images?

Having alt tags, making sure to have proper Exif data, and having accurate title tags for the images are some of the factors that will rank your image higher, according to Erin.

44:06 – Does Erin charge clients per hour or based on their revenue?

Erin uses a credit system that his clients can use. This system helps clients to see what they can expect from Erin’s team and how much credit would cost for a specific service.

46:20 – SEO and its connection to Erin’s omni channels

Erin is also specialized in omni channels. But how does it actually connect to SEO? In this in-depth section, Erin expands on how getting as much digital touches is important in utilizing SEO for omni channels or digital media as a whole.

49:23 – Eric’s advice in making an agile marketing approach

For Erin, it’s about having a scientific methodology approach of the type of performance you want to expect and not to expect. This forms a versatile connection with your team to know which works and which doesn’t.

53:38 – What are Erin’s main ingredients in client retention?

Trust is the biggest ingredient that Erin has in store to increase client retention. He believes that being transparent about everything is the key in giving clients what they need without the worry of being doubted.

56:59 – How does Erin’s keyword/phrase clustering look like?

Erin has ditched the word-dated approach and has leaned into clustering. This includes not only keywords and phrases, but also semantic clustering as well.

59:44 – Erin’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

According to Erin, it’s about the discipline to learn and document. The SEO world is like a dungeon that is full of surprise, as per Erin. But as long as you’re willing to learn, then you are off to a great start.


Google News:

A new article posted on Google Search Central shows how to create a monitoring dashboard for your Search traffic on Data Studio.

Data Studio allows you to customize your charts and view them side by side with other data, such as Google Ads, Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery, etc.

The link to the article is in the description.

Matthew Woodward, a past guest on the show, posted a new video on EAT Signals.

I’m a big fan of EAT. I apply the same principles to other channels like ranking videos on YouTube.

John Lincoln, another past guest, explains the new Indexifembedded Tag for Google SEO.

There’s always a lot of chatter on indexing content, and this new tag is another way to help get your content indexed.

Our buddies at BoostRoas just posted a video on Featured Snippet Optimization.

A few guests have mentioned how easy it is to steal featured snippets by just copying what there and making it better and adding everything BoostRoas just mentioned

Outlast video for today is from another past guest Nathan Gotch on how to test your meta titles.

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