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Fery is a Search Engine enthusiast and software developer with extensive experience building complex database systems.

Ferry owns and operates dozens of web and SAAS platforms and valuable online tools, with a network of websites reaching millions of users every month. 

Ferry also constantly publishes exciting case studies on SEO and successful websites. He can create a buzz quickly, and his SEO methods are revolutionary.

Knowledge Bombs

19:16 Best Content and Right Search Intent

Fery explained that how he ranks on page one of Google is a simple concept of creating the best content and building the best links to target the right search intent. While the implementation is challenging, that is precisely the concept.

24:51 The Creation of Search Intelligence

Fery said that they started their company, Search Intelligence because he could not find employment due to a lack of agency experience as an SEO professional. In 2014, he established the company while still working a day job. However, it was not easy. 

In  2017, he took a leap of faith, quitting his job and renting an office space. Initially a small operation, the company grew slowly until 2020, when the pandemic happened. Determined to overcome the challenges, Fery gave his all to building the agency, focusing on working with prominent brands.

The breakthrough came through sharing free advice on social media, particularly on LinkedIn. By posting mini audits on websites and sharing his SEO knowledge, he gained a following and attracted clients who sought his expertise.

36:21 Methods that allowed Fery to build over 2000 PR Links

Fery’s approach to building over 2000 PR links involved focusing on data-driven campaigns. He further added that he used three methods they use: data, expert commentary, and reactive. He and his team gathered large data sets from government websites and analyzed them for interesting insights. 

Combining different data sets and creating unique stories and angles provides journalists with ready-to-use content they don’t have the time or resources to generate. This approach has allowed them to achieve consistent link velocity and build many PR links successfully.

40:26 Numbeo Data Site

Fery shared a data place to go aside from government sites, and that is Numbeo. He said it is a gold mine where people can go and look for food prices across all cities. It can give unlimited data with so many branches and niches.

42:12 What Happens After Gathering The Data

According to Fery, after analyzing the data, they would create a compressed report of around 1000 to 1500 words. The report highlights the main findings, focusing on the most shocking or interesting aspects. We ensure that the report is presented engagingly and emotionally, capturing the attention of journalists. 

Fery added that they then share the report with journalists in the same niche, specifically targeting those who write about the subject matter covered in the data analysis. This would be sent out through email as this targeted approach increases the chances of relevant journalists noticing and covering the report.

51:27 How Fery Pitch To Journalists

According to Fery, they approach journalists by sending them normal emails without any document attachments. They include the entire study within the email, presenting it concisely and easily scannable. 

The email begins with a personalized greeting and introduces the study conducted by the client, highlighting the areas or findings of interest. They provide a link to a Google Doc if there is relevant spreadsheet data. 

In the closing, they request that if the journalist uses the story, they credit the client with a link. The approach focuses on delivering valuable information and making it convenient for journalists to access and use in their reporting.

1:01:56 Advice to those who want to be SEO Professionals

Fery shared that you just need to start your own website. Start and aim to rank it, to run the website for the niche you are passionate about. Your first website should be your passion project. Even if you don’t see immediate rankings or results, you will keep publishing and taking action if you are passionate about the subject. Start doing keyword research and work on your own website. He added that it’s the best way to learn SEO.

Google News

Google Search shares five new ways to verify info.

Learn More About this result – now available globally
Find diverse perspectives on Top Stories with a new feature called Perspectives
Get context with easier access to About this author or page
Spot information gaps with similar advisories
Investing in information literacy and fact-checking by partnering with Public Library Association and MediaWise

The link to the full article is in the description

Jeff Baker was on the Serpstat channel and shared the main RainBrain signals that can help with your SEO

A few tactics to optimize for this are testing different meta titles, increasing page speed, and creating an engaging intro on your page for the visitor to stay on your page reading.

Creating a clickable table of contents is one tactic that helps a searcher find their answer quickly that will have them stay on your page.

Have you ever ranked for a keyword and didn’t want to?

Ted Kubaitis share how to reduce relevancy if you need to https://www.youtube.com/live/T8kjURBqCng?feature=share&t=3220

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How to get into the local 3-pack here is Krystal Taing’s favorite tactic she shared this week on Wix

This is a perfect segway to our next video, which is by Darren Shaw.

He publishes a local SEO ranking factors report every year, just released this year.

Let’s check out the Top 10

This couldn’t come at a better time as I’m starting to pick up local clients, and having this report guides me on where to focus my efforts.

We are now at my favorite part of the show.

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