George Chasiotis

George Chasiotis – Managing Director at MINUTTIA | Host of The SaaS SEO Show


Guest Bio:

George started as an independent marketing consultant but was soon pulled down the path of creating an agency.

Where he materializes his vision for content and SEO systems that are heavily based on strategy.

In his free time, he imparts wisdom on LinkedIn or buries his head in psychology books to get down the “why” of human behavior.

Please welcome the Managing Director of MINUTTIA, an organic growth acceleration agency for B2B SaaS companies, George Chasiotis!


Knowledge Bombs:

18:27- How does George get page one ranking on Google?

By creating memorable experience and not always following suit to what anyone is doing are the key factors of ranking on Google’s page one, according to George.

18:56 – How did George first got into SEO?

George had a pretty long journey for SEO where he tried almost anything including data entry, creating social media reports, and the like. It was until he started experimenting and eventually found out what he liked in SEO and became good at it in the long run.

20:00 – What made George interested in SEO?

George sees SEO as a tool that can have an impact to people’s lives. This positivity is what drives George to dive deep into SEO and learn more about it. And he believes that this positive impact is contagious and will make people’s even better.

21:36 – What learning resources did George use for SEO?

When George is still starting in the SEO industry, he mainly learned SEO through reading books, blogs, and watching YouTube videos. When he started to gain knowledge and skills for SEO, this is where clients are starting to reach out to him too.

22:38 – When was MINUTTIA created?

George is the managing director of MINUTTIA, an agency that helps companies to grow through data-driven content marketing and SEO. In this in-depth section, Georgy gives us an insight how MINUTTIA started from the ground up and the challenges they faced.

26:29 – How does George get SaaS clients in today’s industry?

Discoverability is what made George get SaaS clients in the SEO industry. According to George, SaaS clients discovered the content that George had produced, which is the stepping stone of their conversation until George eventually acquired them.

29:29 – What is topical authority?

George is known as the person that is a master of topical authority. He sees topical authority as an important factor for SEO because of how Google works when it comes to topic consideration in generating search results.

32:05 – What is internal and external topical authority?

Internal and external topical authority are vastly different with each other. According to George, internal topical authority are activities that happens on the site where George and his team has more control over it. On the other hand, external topical authority happens outside the site where they have little to no control over.

37:41 – Does George have a blog?

Yes, George has a blog and he says that there are tons of stuff that you can learn from there that can’t be seen on other blogsites. This includes blogposts such as SaaS-related content, or effective SEO tool tips just to name a few.

38:48 – George’s SaaS SEO tips

As SEO continues to grow, so does SaaS companies too. In this section, George gives us a handful of tips that are useful for SEOs who want to dive more into SaaS. This includes knowing how the game is played, pricing model strategies, creating original content, and more.

41:12 – Does George pick topic ideas from industry-related books?

George admitted that he occasionally gets ideas from industry-related books. However, he rarely does it and come up with original and fresher ideas instead.

42:00 – George’s love for psychology

George is a certified bookworm, especially in the field psychology. He believes that diving deep into these things, such as how the human nature works, help him make decisions daily that can have an impact in his job.

43:24 – How does it feel working with SaaS clients?

For Georgy, it depends on the client and he feels fortunate enough to work with outstanding clients that respect him and his team. Though there might be ups and down in the process, building trust with each other is the key of what keeps them going.

44:46 – Have George worked with startup SaaS and red tape SaaS companies both at the same time?

There are tons of difference between startup SaaS companies and red tape ones that can be hard to manage sometimes. But for George, he and his team managed to work with both of them at ease that helped these companies grow in no time.

46:48 – Helping SaaS companies grow from 0 to 100

George and his team have a very thorough and detailed process in helping companies grow. In this in-depth section, he explains doing optimal audience research to have a good point-of-view of the market you are targeting. As well as having proper keyword research selection, original content, and topical authority too!

55:10 – George’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

George advices that you should go work in an agency. Because based on his experience, working on an agency will open your eyes of everything you need to know about all things SEO.


Google News:

May 2022 core update for Google Search was released this week.

Be sure not to panic and wait about two weeks before you try to fix any ranking fluctuations.

This brings us to why Search Console graphs fluctuate. John Muller tells us why in the latest video by Google Search Central.

I personally will not worry about fluctuations for at least three weeks before I work on a strategy to bring rankings back up.

Martha van Berkel, a recent guest on the show, sees some positive FAQ fluctuations. Let’s see what’s she seeing.

Watch her recent episode here on the SEO Video Show to get some FAQ schema secrets.

Ranking Academy posted a video on eight tips to rank your business. Let’s check out one out.

Another place I like adding keywords is asking my questions and answering them on Google Business Profiles.

Another past guest, Mathew Woodward, shares 4 of his favorite link building strategies

I’ll tell you my favorite backlinking strategy.

It is finding high authority social profiles or web 2.0s that are currently 404ing and re-registering them.

You can use a tool like Scrapebox to find these.

If you want me to show you how I do it in a video, leave a comment below.

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