Gus Pelogia

Guest Bio

Gus is a journalist turned SEO, conference speaker, and once-in-a-while blogger.

He has worked both in-house and at digital agencies.

He is currently an SEO Content Manager at Indeed, the #1 job site in the world, with over 250 million unique visitors every month.

He’s won several industry awards, including Digital Media Awards, The Drum Search Awards, and Irish Content Marketing Awards.

He is a contributing author in the SEO in 2022 book.

Knowledge Bombs

19:00 –  Get a Ranking on Google

Gus does keyword research and clustering, writes the content, and does a SERP analysis. By doing it, he will see the ranking status to see if he can do it better. On the other hand, he does surveys or studies on what he can do more with his content.

27:40 – Ways on PPC and SEO Work Together

According to Gus, this integration is important because here, you can track down how a user started their journey on PPC but then later converted to SEO or the other way around and maybe prove that both channels are working well. Then, it would show how much it would cost a channel would pay for the traffic in every click.

29:25 – Correlations with organic search

Gus emphasized on this point that he heard about other channels impacting the organic search.

32:50 – Type of properties to take more SERP

It is vital to protect your brand; as Gus pointed out in this segment, there is the Universal SERP where people can find you anywhere, like images or videos, or there might be a time that circumstances get along the way on your page. For example, ads that will visit your page and steal whatever information is on it.

34:30 – Develop knowledge panels

According to Gus, having all that information on your website is the starting point, and learning about how knowledge works made him realize that there were tons of places where the reports mentioned his name. So building a piece of consistent information can be an excellent way for Google to trust your websites.

39:45 – Optimizing homepage or about page

Gus suggested that you focus more on the about page as it can also be your homepage, like on his page, you can find all information directly rather than having multiple pages.

40:40 – Dealing with more than one domain (schema)

This segment highlight how Google can understand that query as an entity. For Example, if Google can understand your name, it would directly detect that you are an entity. It is a type of way of trusting your brand more – consistency.

42:20 – Optimizing company instead of a person

Knowing what and how to optimize entities can be a game changer; as for Google, it tends to use Wikipedia or other sites to look for a piece of information.

43:00 – Using Wikidata

When using Wikidata, you must ensure you are eligible to be there. As for the site, it contains structured data when you are searching for a piece of specific information.

45:30 – Brand-building techniques

As there are things that do not necessarily belong to SEO or a specific company, you just need to do a lot of research on how you can do better with your work to build consistency so that users can trust your page.

47:50 – Strategy for receiving media coverage

Gus loves to use surveys and studies – to collect data that are not too complicated. In terms of Instagrammed information, he can research specific details so that users can get attention to like places and how to get in there or what is it about the area.

52:20 – Gus Pelogia’s advice if someone wants to become an SEO professional

Be curious and try to do things yourself – have a website and know the topic well, as it is through this that everything will get structured and work well. In other words, Build and be creative with your website.

Google News

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Optimizing your about page can also be the page to optimize for your knowledge panel.

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