Holly Starks

Holly is renowned as both an online and offline marketer and hosts several live events and boot camps throughout the year, helping other marketers reach their full potential.

She was awarded one of the Top SEO Influencers in 2017.

She has spoken at Vidsummit, Local Client Takeover, SEO Rockstars, Searchcon and Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

She is known to push the envelope of what’s possible and is known for her black hat ways.

She is infamous in SEO circles for her ability to scale things to epic proportions.

She likes to break things and test and is known for being sued.

Please welcome the queen of black hat SEO, Holly Starks!


21:30 – How does Holly get to page 1 ranking on Google?

Holly talks about getting page 1 ranking on YouTube or Video and Google in this section.

25:00 – Holly’s SEO Journey – What Kept Her Motivated

One of Holly’s core aspects to move forward in the SEO scene is sportsmanship. For her, SEO is a tough market, and losing to someone is okay because in that way, you’ll learn from that someone, and you can use that knowledge to be better.

35:00 – Holly’s take on CTR Manipulation

Tip from Holly: if you have videos and want to rank on YouTube, your manipulations should be done on Cellphones/Smartphones since it’s more trusted. Also, according to Holly, CTR manipulation is engagement and everything that revolves around it.

36:30 – How does Holly scale CTR Manipulation?

In this section, Holly talks about how expensive it is to scale CTR Manipulation at least on her level. She explained the factors and how they keep their servers running.

39:30 – Holly’s Tips on Increasing CTR for Video

One of the most interesting tips that Holly gave out is to hire people to watch and rewatch your videos to increase CTR! This section explains the mechanics and the steps to do this.

47:45 – If you’re trying to manipulate Google, it is Black Hat!

Another interesting take away from Holly! She explains how Black Hats play an essential role in link building and Google manipulation!

52:30 – Powerful SEO Tools that Holly uses!

In this section, Holly shared some of the best tools in the SEO market today that she has used up until now for embeds and more.

54:13 – Google Stacks for Buffers, GSAs, and more!

In this section, Holly was asked by one of the audiences: “do you use the Google Stacks for buffers for the GSAs? And do you only use one tier, or go two tiers deep before you hit it with the GSAs?”

54:52 – Black Hat tip from Holly!

When Holly was asked by one of the audiences: โ€‹” stuffing keywords inside an iframe (before the closing tag) is still helpful in some way?” She gave out a pretty interesting black hat tip that’s fun and effective!

59:30 – Holly’s tips for budding SEO practitioners!

Holly’s advice is pretty interesting! According to her, SEO practitioners today should learn about the latest trends, especially TikTok and YouTube! Because for her, TikTok is the number one searching platform right now, and jumping in on the trend is a scalable tactic!


Google News:

First with Google. The Grow with Google channel just released a new video on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with SEO

For someone who needs a quick SEO 101 from Google themselves. Link to the video below.

John Muller says internal linking is essential. Let’s see why.

Bill Slawski goes deeper on internal linking this past week on the Bill and Ammons’ Bogus Hangout.

Building link confidence is essential, be sure to use your target or related keywords as your anchor text in your internal links.

I often see sites hyperlink or click here, which doesn’t help.

Our friends over at Ahrefs recently did a review on a Doordash Landing Page that generates $41M Month. Let’s check it out.

The near me strategy is something I implement on my clients’ sites that deals with multiple locations. I highly recommend it!

On Aleyda’s Crawling Mondays channel, her guest goes over The fundamental Steps to Optimize eCommerce Categories Pages.

We have to remember that potential customers don’t just use Google to search; internal search data is a great way to understand your audience.

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