Jenny Abouobaia

Jenny is an experienced and highly accomplished SEO consultant, speaker, and mentor.

Jenny’s specialty within Search falls in affiliate SEO, with years of expertise in both building and managing six-figure affiliate niche sites for clients worldwide.

She is also the Co-founder of Clever Touch Marketing, an award-winning agency based in the MENA region that works specifically with niche affiliate sites.

Jenny is a strong advocate for women in SEO. Her agency was founded to offer more opportunities and long-term, steady employment for women.

She can also be seen as an expert speaker, panelist, and guest on numerous SEO webinars and podcasts, including the Lion Zeal Show, SEO SAS, The InLinks Knowledge Panel, SEO Mastery Summit, and Semrush.

Please welcome Jenny Abouobaia!


24:34 – How does Jenny get ranking on page one in Google?

Doing a lot of research as well as having a stable preempted silo structure is what drives Jenny to be on page one in Google. Having quality content that is consistent is also a big plus too!

25:48 – Jenny’s first steps into SEO

Jenny started her journey to SEO when she worked with writers for niche affiliate sites. As she discovered SEO, this sparked an interest in her to learn this technique in making content discoverable.

28:25 – How did Jenny actually “learn” SEO?

Jenny has her own website where she treated this as a learning ground for her SEO journey. This is where she has done a lot of trial and error until she honed her skills. This includes content testing and link building, for example.

32:51 – Does Jenny’s websites support Google only? Or other search engines as well?

Jenny’s sites support a wide array of search engines such as Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo aside from Google. For her, this ups the ante of getting search traffic as much as possible even though Google is the main one.

33:44 – How to get started in affiliate marketing as explained by Jenny

For Jenny, Amazon is a good starting point if you want to get into affiliate marketing and SEO. Although some people may disagree, she says that using Amazon temporarily for doing affiliate stuff can help you get started with the basics before moving forward.

37:48 – Finding niches to promote

The best part about having a niche is that you can grow it through affiliate marketing. For Jenny, no matter what niche you chose, there’s always a way to implement an affiliate for that. A quick Google search will give you hundreds, or not thousands of niches that might interest you.

43:03 – What software does Jenny use in doing SEO content?

Even though not a technical person, Jenny has used a lot of tools and resources for her SEO journey which includes ahrefs, cyborg, or screaming frog just to name a few.

45:23 – Tips for affiliate keyword research for a target niche

Jenny says that it’s important to do in-depth research if you are treating a target niche as a viable business. Not being afraid to take risks by jumping in with two feet is a bonus too. And most especially, understanding how Google works is a must as well.

49:30 – What types of articles work best for affiliate sites?

For Jenny, this may vary because Google has been doing a lot of updates lately. Google has the ability to span your site based on the content you create. But you also need to keep in mind if it’s just for money content or a type of “content” that actually gives benefits to your audience.

54:01 – Does Jenny use any backlinking strategies?

Of course! Link building has been the buzz as of late. But Jenny has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to backlinking strategies such as the helper report which she explains in this section.

1:03:18 – The case about fake personas

There are tons of possibilities that fake personas can do when it comes to SEO. But is this actually a good thing or a bad one? In this section, Jenny explains her take on these fake personas and how it can make or break the SEO industry.

1:07:39 – Jenny’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Filling yourself with all the information you can get, taking it with a little grain of salt, and practicing from time to time is crucial in paving your way on your SEO journey, as per Jenny.


Google News:

Google just posted a new episode of Search Off the Record Podcast.

John, Martin, and Gary are joined by special guest Aurora Morales from the Trust & Safety Policy Transparency team.

They talk about website monetization, publisher policies, how Google runs search experiments, and more!

John Muller answers a question on finding index pages using the site parameter.

As I mentioned in previous episodes. Using the site parameter plus your domain and keyword is a great way to find internal linking opportunities.

There’s been a lot of chatter on Google Changing Title Tags in the Search Results. Bill Hartzer gives his recommendation on how to see if Google is changing your titles.

This reminds me about Googles Ads feature responsive search ads.

You give multiple headlines, and they dynamically create an ad headline to match the searchers’ query that would provide the highest ctr

If Google is changing your meta title, maybe it’s a way to increase ctr. Study what they show and test it or optimize your content around it.

Engage 2021

Speaking of free conferences, I will be the MC for a free digital marketing conference next week on August 24th.

Get the link at

Matt Diggity just released a new video this week on How to Rank for more keywords without building links using silos.

Be sure to watch the fill video as he goes over five different silo structures.

Andrew Shotland reminds us that Marketing your SEO services doesn’t stop with the client, and here’s why

Selling your SEO tactics internally can be overwhelming for those inside your company that does not understand SEO.

It’s an easier sell when you sell a strategy against company goals.

Mark Berlin share How to define an SEO strategy on Kalicube this past week.

A strategy I’m interested in learning more about is using SEO for affiliate marketing.


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