Jesper Nissen

Jesper Nissen – SEO Consultant | Cloud Stacking & Twitter SEO

Guest Bio:

Jesper has a master’s degree in Physics.

In 2008 He founded his first company, computer people, that specialized in web design and SEO.

There he designed his own CMS and built more than 700 websites.

By 2020 he founded SEO Danmark after being inspired by Kyle Roof’s Lorem Ipsum tests.

Every day he tries to isolate the things that work in his SEO strategies.

Please welcome Jesper Nissen.

Knowledge Bombs:

19:49- How does Jesper get to page one ranking on Google?

Jesper starts by doing a Google search and writing unique content based on it. Not only does it include the content itself, but also its fundamentals such as link building, target URL, and the like.

20:55 – When did Jesper first get into SEO?

Jesper was very interested in Google optimization back in the day, and this is what jumpstarted him to learn more about SEO.

21:35 – What made Jesper get interested in SEO?

Jesper got hooked on SEO when he started experimenting and used his knowledge of scientific testing in this field.

23:16 – How did Jesper learn SEO?

Joining courses and using a website as a training ground is what Jesper did that helped him learn SEO. John Romain’s course impacted him the most, where he learned content mapping and adapted it to broaden his SEO skills.

26:06 – Cloud stacking, as explained by Jesper

Jesper gives an in-depth overview of how cloud stacking works for SEO in this section. This includes how your cloud-uploaded websites can inherit so much authority and how it integrates with various software for better traction.

28:20 – Which business can make use of cloud stacking the most?

According to Jesper, cloud stacking works surely for local businesses. He believes that local businesses can rank extremely high because of cloud stacking’s scalability based on the competition.

29:30 – What cloud stacking tools can we use in today’s time?

Jesper recommends Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon S3 because these tools work best no matter what type of website and niche you have. However, he also mentioned that content is super important and not just your chosen niche only.

31:05 – Making good content, as explained by Jesper

SEO is not only about having “good content” but also “optimized” content too, as explained by Jesper. Optimized content will rank better than spamming so-called content just to fill the gaps. You’re off to a great start if you do it correctly.

32:45 – How does Jesper find entities to put in his content?

Jesper uses topical relevance and tools and plugins that help him find good entities for content. This includes page optimizer pro and keyword finder, just to name a few.

34:52 – Jesper’s cloud stacking process and how it’s done

In this section, Jesper gives us an in-depth tutorial on his SEO process with cloud stacking and the software he uses. This 25-minute tutorial includes how he built a page from scratch, implemented plugins and extra bells and whistles, and how it would work with cloud stacking to gain traction faster & easier.

57:20 – How does Jesper integrate “social signals” in his SEO strategy?

Social signals give Jesper the power to do “power stacks” for websites with many pages. This allows him to scale more to make cloud stacking more effective and efficient. Though he admits that doing this method can be a bit difficult, the results you’ll get will be worth it.

1:01:56 – Chris’ advice on becoming an SEO professional

Jesper advises newbies to build their website and use it as a training hub for their SEO experimentation. He explains how boring it can sometimes be, but the more you understand and learn it, the more you will love it in the long run.

Google News:

Discount code: “superpaul” for

Google updated its advanced SEO documentation yesterday with the ability to inject canonical tags.

I know a few SEOs out there who love experimenting with canonical tags.

For more info on injecting canonicals, see the link below

Sam Oh published a video this week on SEO Tips that work. Let’s check them out.

The tactic of having a blog and matching video to compliment is a strategy I’ve just implemented at my new gig.

Search “zero trust automation,” and you’ll see what I’m talking about

How to Resolve “Crawled But not Indexed” by Olga Zarzeczna

We love to EAT here on the SEO video show.

Creating your expertise, authoritativeness, and trust framework will get you ranking.

The five pieces of content created by Ryan Stewart

For those working on marketing teams at big companies,

developing content for a different part of the funnel and buyer’s journey is how you can drive more pipeline.

Unlinked Brand Mention link building like a boss by Matt Digitty

This tactic doesn’t just work for links.

If you want anything from someone, show value first.

Help them without asking what they need help in.

Bavo Matt on dropping this knowledge bomb.

Love it.

Do you know what else I love?

You guys and my special guest every week.

Without you, this show would not be possible.


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