Jim Yu

Jim has built BrightEdge into a global business that is the trusted enterprise standard for content performance marketing.

He is a well-known digital-marketing expert who speaks at conferences, such as Share, Dreamforce, Adobe Summit, and SMX.

He is an industry expert with regular columns in Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, ClickZ, and Huffington Post.

He is widely recognized as the driving force behind enterprise content performance marketing technology used by over 22,000 digital marketing professionals across 8,500 brands around the globe.

Jim holds an MBA from Stanford University, a Master’s of Engineering from the University of Virginia, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from the University of South Dakota

Please welcome the founder and CEO of BrightEdge, Jim Yu!


22:47 – How did Jim got into SEO?

20 years ago, Jim was just building websites for fun and eventually learned about SEO in the wake of Yahoo’s popularity. This is where he tested with a lot of tools and resources to rank his websites.

30:59 – The early days of BrightEdge

As the CEO if BrightEdge, Jim’s journey into this company is a challenging one. In this in-depth section, he gives us an insight how working on BrightEdge became a ground for learning and teamwork building.

38:31 – What’s it like for Jim when he’s pitching for his first round of funding?

For Jim, persistence is key when it comes to pitching, especially during the first round of funding. Having persistence is the key to success, which makes it easier to find your potential partner in this vast sea of SEOs.

43:24 – The business value of SEO

Jim wrote an article about the business value of SEO in today’s time. For him, SEO isn’t just all about optimization, but also business insights and intelligence too.

45:54 – The importance of search volume trends

Knowing how to utilize search volume trends is a powerful way to implement in SEO. According to Jim, this allows you to see what trends go up or go down to know which surge of demands is currently on the market.

47:51 – Jim’s take on Google’s focus on user experience

For Jim, this allows marketers, like him, to have better digital experiences among customers. However, it is a challenge for him and his team to ensure that everything is going well in terms of quality assurance. This includes web pages, search performance, and more.

53:00 – Sneak peek of new stuff that’s coming on BrightEdge

More real-time data capabilities, providing more business intelligence, and improved customer experience are some of the few exciting things that is coming to BrightEdge in the horizon.

55:04 – Jim’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

Having a beginner’s mindset is the best way to become an SEO professional according to Jim. This is because the SEO landscape keeps on changing time to time. And the more you think like a beginner, the easier you can adapt to these changes with the power of curiosity.


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