Jo Priest

Jo is a digital marketing consultant, data scientist, and developer.

He has experience in SEO, SEM, PPC, and CRO

He regularly speaks at conferences, local meetups, and user groups on SEO Fundamentals and Technical SEO,

He is the CEO of G5 Media

He is the creator of, with over 1000 subscribers.

He runs the Super-Secret SEO chat on Skype.

He has been an SIA tester for two years!

Please welcome Jo Priest!


25:33 – Jo Priest on Topical Relevance

In this section, Jo briefly explained how Topical Relevance works and how it can leverage your game in SEO bit by bit.

28:00 – API, Adwords, Choosing Categories, and more!

In this section, Jo explains some tips on how you can utilize APIs, choosing the right categories for your term or site by using an AdWords tool, and more. For him, reverse engineering Google’s API for the SERPs is a very strategic move that you can do!

39:00 – Keyword Clustering or Topic Clustering by Jo

According to Jo, clustering keywords or terms by category is a good strategy. And with the help of new technology these days, you can go out to the SERPS and find those keywords, pull out all the data, create content briefs, or create your own.

41:20 – Super Secret SEO Chat

Here, Jo explains how important it is to communicate with a specific group of people talking about a specific interest. He did it by building a community through the Super Secret SEO chat.

41:30 – Jo’s Tips on Building a Community

For Jo, it’s very important to be involved. Building a community is great, but you have to engage with them, and you have to be involved to build a better relationship with them.

44:30 – LSI & Entities

This is the section where Jo was asked by one of the audiences about the difference between LSI & Entities. Jo explains what LSI is and how it’s differentiated from Entities.

47:00 – Current Tests in SEO that Sparked Jo’s Interest

Jo explained the tests in SEO (the most common ones online) that sparked his interest.

52:00 – Jo’s Tips for Budding SEO Practitioners

For Jo, you have to start with your website. But instead of doing one, do as many as you can!


Links to full videos below:

Google improved data filtering and comparison on performance reports in Google Search Console.

Filters now support regular expressions, and they revamped comparison mode.

May is just around the corner. So who do you think will be impacted the most with core web vitals? Let’s listen in on Lily and Mike’s conversation on the iPullrank podcast

Are you using press releases in your SEO strategy? I’ve been using them since day 1. It’s an SEO’s best friend.

The Newswire team offers four tips to get more SEO traffic from your press release distribution.

If you’re in enterprise SEO and you are not working with your PR team. Schedule a meeting with them on Monday and get to know them!

Should you index a product page?

This brings me to my Tweet of the week by Alyeyda Solis.

It depends on its inventory status! She shares a decision-making flowchart with the criteria she uses for E-commerce SEO.

Should SEOs use Google Disavow Tool to clean up a backlinks profile?

I’ve seen some fantastic results on my client’s ranking by using the disavow tool and keeping our backlink profile as clean as possible.

What is the Keyword Golden Ratio? Doug Cunnington tells us the meaning on Chase’s channel this past week.

Daniela and Neil remind us how building relationships can help with your SEO efforts

Collaboration not competition by SEO pros. If you don’t offer a service, refer someone in your network, and I’m sure they will return the favor.

What has changed in SEO copywriting since 2010? Jarno van Driel on Kalicube explains.

This is a perfect segway to my guest today, who is all about schema, entities, and topical relevance.

Please ask questions throughout our conversation, and I will give away some SEO shirts to the best question asked.

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