Joe Troyer


Joe is an internet entrepreneur who has helped businesses make money since 2015.

Joe is known as an all things internet marketing, including SEO, Google Business Profiles, Reputation Management, and more.

Joe worked with the top 500 internet retailers, and he is the founder of Review Grower and the Digital Triggers Podcast host.


18:14 Building Good Citations, Google Business Profiles, DR, and Content

Joe shared that he ranks first on Google through good citations, building a good Google Business Profile locally, and building out good content. In building good DR, he would go after PR links personally and get good at publishing the right content.

25:04 Importance of Reputation Management in Businesses

Google Business Place or GMB is a very important aspect of SEO specially fo businesses ranking locally. Joe explained that it comes up to at least a third of the overall ranking algorithm. For a long time, he had been telling his clients to work on it as it is their responsibility, but they are ignoring the issue, and that has affected their SEO growth. It came to a point where Joe cannot ignore it anymore, so they would start discussing the reputation every time they onboard clients.

26:58 Relationship between SEO and Reputation Management

They play together, especially for local SEO. Reviews directly from Google and citations are very important. So if you are trying to rank organically, these links can help rank and build a link-building strategy locally.

27:56 How to build a representation Management Strategy

Start with an online reputation site audit and find out how many reviews businesses have and their top competitors. Joe said businesses can start with Google and then move to the top review sites locally and niche-specific sites. After that, he does a catch-up campaign with his clients to spike up the reviews as quickly as possible. Joe tells his clients the importance of reviews and then asks them to list people they know and trust. Then in the next scheduled call, they would send a heartfelt message to these people and ask for their help in spiking up the positive reviews.

32:59 Buying reviews is not worthy

For Joe, buying reviews will only work in the first few months, but in the long run, it would not be helpful to rely on them. It is a hack or just a quick fix that is not worthy.

38:48 GMBS as an option to replace service businesses’ websites

According to Joe, this is a possibility and would depend on where businesses are gaining the traffic sources they use their business for. Regardless, GMBS works just fine.

39:32 Gating negative reviews

There is an option to gate negative reviews and ask for their feedback through thumbs up and down. When they respond with a thumbs down, they would take them to a forum to discuss why the experience is negative. Joe added that there are many options to solve the issue than just ignoring the negative review. Solve the issue to get repeat customers.

42:03 Economy strategy and working with influencers

At the end of the day, Joe shared that it is all about getting good backlinks to sites that you want to rank. Claim listings and make good content out of it. As for influencers and affiliates, Joe admitted that they have helped them build their brand locally and internationally.

46:38 Software used to review growing

Review growers want to help people automatically get more reviews and help them monitor these reviews across all platforms. Joe used a lot of platforms. and clients can use a plug-in that would be suitable for their business. So if you are in the SAAS, in a local business, or in an Econ, they will take your positive reviews and use them to make social proof and then randomly post it.

49:41 Turkle as the modern-day HARO

It is a modern-day HARO or help a reporter out. When you sign up for it for free, you’ll get emailed list three times a day for press queries and respond to the ones you can answer. Then if your answer is chosen, you’ll be cited in the content.

57:03 Joe’s advice to aspiring SEO professionals

Be a freelancer. Find one or two clients. Not a ton, but find somebody who can give you steady work to learn the skills and become a pro. Then focus on long-term strategies and foundational things that can help you in the long run.


Google released a new video on how to be eligible for Google News. Let’s check it out.

A past guest Maj Hussain covers Google News sites, so if you want to learn more about getting instant backlinks with Google News, check out that episode.

Fat Rank shared an SEO technique called rank jacking.

The link to the email template is in the description.

Rank Jacking

This reminds me of the technique of buying out sites on the first or second page outright.

This technique is much more cost-effective and so innovative.

You are buying the article, republishing it on your site, and having a redirect to swap out the search result permanently. Genius

Koray Tugberk, a past guest on the show, released a highly anticipated Topical Authority Course he has worked on for the past two years. Of you buy it?

The cost is high; is it worth it?

Clint Butler goes into detail on each module in SEO This week.

Let’s check out his review and see if the course is for you.

Clint will be putting out a few courses himself that I’m pretty excited about.

Once they’re done, I’ll be sure to let you know guys know, and maybe we can get a discount.

How to establish a knowledge panel.

Jason Barnard shares a couple of tips on how to get one.

Knowledge panels are great for building a trustworthy reputation online, which brings us to my favorite part of the show learning more about reputation management.

Please ask questions on the topic, and I will address them in the order they received.

Please support the channel while I get things ready.


Joe is an internet entrepreneur, helping businesses make more money since 2005.

He is known as a leading expert in all things internet marketing.

This includes SEO, Google Business Profiles, Reputation Management, and more.

He worked with many top 500 internet retailers.

He is the Founder of Review Grower and the Digital Triggers podcast host.

Please welcome Joe “More Value” Troyer.


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