John-Henry Scherck

SEO Video Show EP114: John-Henry Scherck | Principal Consultant @ Growth Plays LLC

Guest Bio:

John-Henry Scherck is a B2B content strategist and SEO consultant.

John-Henry works with founders, marketers, and investors to plan, build and refine growth marketing initiatives.

John-Henry worked at Seer Interactive, WP Engine, Zenefits, and Docsend.

John-Henry’s an advisor at AudiencePlus

Knowledge Bombs:

17:38 – Get ranking on page one

Planning and executive buying, John directly answers. He added that having a team you can trust, communicate with, and figure out a plan is also essential. 

23:28 – Traffic Think Tank

John points out the thought of having close peers you should notice and get in touch with.

25:15 – Zero volume keywords

John explains in the segment that using amazing tools out there that are in clusters of the lower straight keywords. The latter is a great tool that SEOs use for tons of time and saves low-volume stuff.

30:50 – User Generating Content (UGC)

John presents the program Optimizely, as the quora of 80 tests are what this program features. The queries you will input in this program will create feedback for you.

33:10 – Strategies for keyword research

Focusing enterprise – scrape Google auto-suggest, feed to keyword insights, and look for emerging and established topics. Then work through that and figure out where are the show backs and look through the facts, John pointed out.

47:12 – Most efficient strategy for generating leads

John reflects that keeping your brand or yourself known to your customers is the most important thing. You must keep good quality content or products so that people will disseminate everything about your brand to others. 

50:22 – Getting into SEO

If you go in-house work for a company that is doing well, you should try to achieve Product-Market Fit. Also, John advises that you should go to a place where there is already a lot of brand demand and many channels built out in optimizing businesses. 

Google News:

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Ruan will be on the show in a couple weeks, be sure to mark your calendars for more local SEO strategies.

Ted Kubaitis shares his Internal linking strategy with widgets on SEO Fight Club

I have used widgets much. Have you?

Please share your recommended related widgets in the live chat and in the comments below.

SEO Clients Management, Communication & Coordination by Aleyda Solis

Someone who knows how manage SEO clients very well is my guest today!

Be sure to ask questions and I will address them in the order that they are received.

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