John Lincoln

John has over 16+ years of demanding experience and has worked with 1,000+ online businesses, including amazing clients such as Office Depot, Tony Robbins, Morgan Stanley, Fox, and more.

He has authored two books, “The Forecaster Method (2019)” and “Digital Influencer (2016),”

He is the Producer and Director of “SEO: The Movie” and “Social Media Marketing: The Movie.”

He has received the Most Admired CEO Award and Top Business Leaders Under 40 Award and winner of the coveted Search Engine Land “Search Marketer of the Year” award.

He has spoken at Web Summit, SMX, Pubcon, and more.

He has taught at UC San Diego since 2010,

He is a writer for Inc., Entrepreneur, and featured on Forbes, NY Times, and more.

Please welcome the CEO of Ignite Visibility, John Lincoln.


20:44 – How does John get ranking on Google?

For John, it’s all about doing things outside the box and being more open to possibilities. Since SEO is changing day by day, we need to be creative to keep up with this evolving tech.

21:41 – How did John first get into SEO?

John got into SEO where he worked in a publishing company as an article writer. This is where he started to build a publishing framework thanks to the nature of his work and started to learn how to rank up a site through content, social media presence, and more.

23:05 – How did John actually “learn” SEO?

Being self-taught is how John started to learn about SEO. As time goes by, this is where he learn how to be involved in groups and having connections with big names in the SEO industry such as Neil Patel, for example.

25:38 – The birth of Ignite Visibility

As the CEO of Ignite Visibility, it’s not a smooth journey for John when he founded this company. But it really started doing good when he worked with one client and yield utmost results, which then motivated John to continue along this path.

28:24 – Tips in starting your own agency, for beginners

For John, it’s about being thoughtful the way you approach it. Decision-making plays a vital role too. You have to think if you really wanted to be a CEO of a company or just tend clients to their needs whatever suits you best.

30:40 – How did John came up with his SEO movie?

Big production value, having big names as guests, what’s more to like in John’s The SEO movie. But how did this actually come into fruition? Watch as he explains how the movie was born in this section including production, process, guest invites, premiers, and more.

34:06 – What made John write a book?

Writing a book is easy, according to John. The real challenge starts where you have to think if this book would sell and be enjoyable enough for readers, the publishing process, creative commons licensing, and the like.

35:50 – The forecaster method and why it’s important for marketers

According to John, this forecaster method allows marketers to find different ways to get traffic depending on your portfolio. This includes the tactics that are used, or how many channels you should allocate, just to name a few.

42:13 – How can SEO work with other channels?

It might be tricky for SEOs to do this strategy because there might be instances where a person that is not ingrained with other channels might ask something irrelevant. But for John, it’s all about making these channels work together.

52:10 – john’s advice in becoming an SEO professional

According to John, all the information you need about SEO is already out there. What’s left to do is your willingness to learn and eat this information. Just like john’s early days, being self-taught is what made him become an SEO professional, and the same thing goes for you as well.


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Speaking of video content, Brian Dean, SEO video content beast, was on the iPullRank channel this past week.

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I’m a customer of Exploding Topics, and I have to say it’s a great resource on finding top trends to create content around and companies to invest in.

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Be sure to watch the full video on how to conduct the KOB analysis. It just makes sense when prioritizing time and ROI

Someone who knows a lot about ROI and ROAS is my guest today!

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