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Josh Bachynski – Founder @ SecretSEO.Guru | SEO tester and trainer

Guest Bio

Josh Bachynski is an expert marketer and SEO with over 20 years of business branding, marketing, and SEO experience. 

Josh is an industry leader with encyclopedic, intimate “insider secret” knowledge of Google’s search algorithms with numerous personal Google contacts, SEO experiments, and thousands of pages ranking page 1.

Josh has spoken on Google search for over 20 years, including a TEDx talk, “The Future of Google, Search, and Ethics”,

Josh has his SEO-related podcast with 17k subscribers and was the host of the famous “The White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Show

Knowledge Bombs

17:28 Associating Entities To Rank High

According to Josh, ranking high in Google is simple in terms of theory because you just have to associate entities together by putting text or words out in the Corpus in order to make it deceptively simple sounding. However, Josh admits that it could be very difficult to do in practice because the corpus receives many signals.

25:55  Josh’s SEO Journey

When sharing where he is now in the process for SEO is, in one sense, radically changed from what he was in another way, and it hasn’t changed at all. It’s still the scientific method. Only now, the control factors you have to put into the testing are on the next level. This means stripping out every single thing that could be a ranking factor and doing single-variable testing. Josh added that in order to do that, he had to start postulating theories of how it works. So, to sum up, Josh said that he is now light-years away from where he first started.

34:44 Testing AI’s

Although Josh said that he couldn’t exactly disclose the result of what they spent close to a hundred thousand dollars in testing and reverse engineering, he said that in order to test AI’s

You got to find people who are deep into testing, although it can be quite costly. Josh added that businesses could also use SEO tools like Keyword Spy.

38:35   Improving E-E-A-T With AI Tools

Josh said that to improve your E-E-A-T factors with AI tools, you just have to know how the AIS thinks about it. You need to think of it in those terms, like what the AI would think about, what Experience, what Expertise is, and how would humans in the real world show Authority. He added that you could probably reverse-engineer it with these principles.

57:19 How To be Referenced By An Expert

Josh gave a very straightforward answer by saying you need to be an expert to know who the experts are in your niche. So you need to have the experience, the expertise, the authority, and you need to be trustworthy. You also need to know who has the experience, especially if you are not an expert in your Niche. By doing your own research, you can come across entities or experts who can refer you and vice-versa.

1:04:46 Advice From An SEO Professional

Josh shared that if you want to be a professional in the SEO industry, you need to double down your AI and your education. You would also need to keep abreast of the changes in AI. You need to understand how the AIS are working and what a transformer, a neural natural language, a processor, a generator, and a token replacement are. Lastly, you need to know how machine learning works.

Google Ads

Google just refreshed its documentation about canonicalization. To better help site owners, the original documentation was yesterday, so be sure to check that out link is in the description.

Google also released a video covering topics submitted that anything search related.

It’s an excellent video for a quick rapid fire of questions and answers.

Yandex Hacked! Was the topic of this week.

Let’s have Matt Diggity share what he found.

There was also a great discussion on SEO Fight Club, so be sure to check that out.

Link to Yandex rank factors below:

AuhorityHackers share an Undervalued SEO tip

Regarding copywriting, I spend the most time on my title and that hook of an intro.

I always place my keyword within the first 100 words of my content.

Don’t have time to write content?

The team over at content distribution shares where to find CONTENT WRITERS

One place that was not mentioned was

I have hired my staff from that site; worth checking out.

Has a recent algorithm update hit you?

Charles Floate shares what you can do to fix that.

Do you know who recently put out a video around entities, my guest today!

Please ask questions on the topic, and I will address them in the order they are received.

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Now let’s introduce our guest.


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