Julia Nesterets

Julia started her SEO journey in 2013 at Hotwork.ru and managed over 5 million pages.

By 2016 she co-founded Jet Octopus, an SEO crawler and log analyzer.

She was a finalist at the Global Search Awards and European Search Awards in 2020 and 2021 for best SEO software innovation.

She currently supports over 400 customers around the world.

Please welcome the CEO of JetOctopus, Julia Nesterets


22:13 – How does Julia get page one ranking in Google?

Having unique content adds additional value to your sites to make it rank in page one on Google, according to Julia. And also, getting good internal linking, especially in the competitive space, is crucial as well.

23:51 – Julia’s first steps into SEO

Julia’s journey to SEO is an unexpected one. It all started when she become the co-founder of her friend’s business few years back. When they realized the potential of SEO and what it has done for their company, this is where they decided to turn it into a separate business.

28:11 – What makes JetOctopus unique from ScreamingFrog

As the founder of JetOctopus, Julia shares its unique features and benefits over ScreamingFrog, or any other tools in the market. In this super in-depth section, she gives us an insight what it feels like to have JetOctopus at the palm of your hands.

35:15 – The wonders of JetOctopus

One big influencer has used Julia’s JetOctopus resource tool that helped them boost their audience reach. Join us as Julia gives us a rundown of the best JetOctopus features that this influencer used that might be useful for your perusal too!

38:59 – Most powerful features of JetOctopus

One of the most advanced and powerful features of JetOctopus so far is their “Log file analysis”, according to Julia. Other ones also include site visibility charts, bot attractors and behavioral monitoring, and a whole lot more.

44:55 – What does internal links mean for Julia

Internal linking plays a huge part of Julia’s SEO strategy. For her, one should never underestimate the power of internal linking. When done right, it can be the secret ingredient to success, especially for huge websites with a complex structure.

48:17 – Why you should never ignore “anchor texts”

Some SEOs might overlook the importance of anchor texts. According to Julia, this is a versatile factor that can be mixed and incorporated to whatever you have in your website such as the page name, for example.

48:48 – What data sources are integrated into JetOctopus?

There are plenty of data sources that are seamlessly incorporated to JetOctopus. This includes crawl data, log files, lead logs integration, Google search console, and among others.

55:57 – Is there any limit for data source integration in JetOctopus?

For Julia, the only limit you have is the URL scanning which is only limited to 10k. Other features are already working perfectly without hassle.

58:58 – Julia’s advice in becoming an SEO entrepreneur

Building a dramatically better solution that can’t be considered as a “side option” is the best way to up the challenge in the SEO entrepreneurial space, as per Julia. This allows you to be unique in the market, especially in today’s time where SEO is getting larger then ever.


Google News:

Google added documentation about the beta Follow feature and your website.

The Follow feature lets people follow a website and get the latest updates in the Following tab within Discover in Chrome.

Currently, the Follow button is an experimental feature available to some English users in the US who are using Chrome Android Beta.

This can potentially be a new engagement signal for rankings, and optimizing for it is easy.

The link to optimize your web pages for the Follow feature is in the description.


All videos clips this week are from past guests.

Our first video is by Robbie Richards, where he gives us three quick-win keyword research tactics.

Let’s check #1 out!

Most of my SEO clients are in the SaaS space, and I have used these tactics every single time.

I’d add to these tactics by researching competitor blog categories.

It’s a great place to get ideas for the top-of-funnel awareness SEO content.

Doing keyword research and any SEO research can be very time-consuming.

Steve Toth just released a new bookmarklet generator to help with SEO productivity.

Let’s take a peak

Link to the bookmarklet generator

This is a super productivity hack.

My usual process is having multiple tabs open and a lot of copy and pasting.

I can’t wait to set up my custom bookmarklets.

The link to the generator is in the description.

Uh oh, someone’s calling in.

Hey hey, hold on, Dixon, let me patch you in

Check out Dixon Jones’s new book released this past week on Amazon. You’ll find the link below

Speaking of the devil, he just hosted a show on Majestic where Kevin Indig give us his number one Shopify SEO tip

I’m sure you can apply this tip to all eCommerce product pages, and it will help boost your rankings.

Our last video today is by Eli Schwartz.

He talks about the differences between ranking factors and ranking signals on the Kalicube show.

One ranking factor for sure has an error-free web architecture.

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