Kevin Indig

Speaking of interesting and out of the box thinking my guest today does a lot of original research himself.

Kevin has helped companies acquire over 100M users over the last 10 years.

One of the best SEO experts according to search engine journal

He is a startup mentor at the German Accelerator.

He worked with include brands like eBay, Bosch, Samsung, Dailymotion, Pinterest, Columbia, UBS, and many others.

He previously led SEO @ Search Metrics, Atlassian, G2 crowd and is the NEW director of SEO at Shopify!

20:45 – How did you get the gig as an SEO Director of Shopify?

If you didn’t know, 2020 was a great year for Kevin as it’s also the year where he became the Director of SEO at Shopify. In this section, he shares his experience of getting the position!

23:40 – Techbound Podcast – What happened?

What happened to Kevin’s Techbound podcast? And what was Shopify’s connection to this? In this section, Kevin explains what happened to the podcast and why it happened for a very important reason.

26:39 – How did you get into SEO?

Before Kevin became one of the leading SEOs in the community today, he started with humble beginnings. Believe it or not, for Kevin, it all started with video games!

30:45 – How do you manage to do two parts of SEO? Technical & Content

Managing two different parts of SEO is definitely not easy and requires a lot of determination and creativeness. Kevin possesses a good grasp of analytics and creativity. He explains how both traits, when combined, can become a huge factor in managing both technical SEO and content.

34:40 – SEMRush 5 Hour Technical Webinar – Kevin’s Takeaway on Looking at Server Logs

Kevin was a part of SEMRush’s 5 Hour Technical Webinar if you didn’t know. In the middle of Kevin’s webinar discussion, he mentioned the importance of looking at server logs. In this show section, he explained its importance and why it’s relevant in the SEO space.

37:54 – The Process of Requesting Log Files

As the discussion continued, Kevin explained more about the technical process of requesting log files. This discussion involves great knowledge bombs about the tools to use and the certain protocol processes to follow.

39:20 – The Tipper

What exactly is the tipper? Kevin explains that the tipper determines which pages are internally linked a lot and which are not internally linked a lot. In this section, Kevin explains more about the tipper and how you can use tools like Screaming Frog and Deepcrawl to utilize it better.

42:18 –, directors, G2 Content Crowd Strategy, How did Kevin manage all of them?

Kevin has had three past jobs, including VP SEO & CONTENT at G2. This section mentioned how he handled all of these jobs with a prepared strategy and how he properly utilized his team to do so.

46:00 – Organic Growth – Kevin’s takeaways

Kevin’s concept of Organic Growth is always a special topic, most especially for himself. In this section, he explained the essence of organic growth towards his work and how it revolved around it; he also talked about how it can help him and all SEOs in the future.

50:00 – Kevin’s professional tip/advice for all budding SEOs in the game!

For Kevin, “hands-on experience” is key to learning SEO. Seek for hands-on experience, always. Kevin urges all budding SEO practitioners to set up their own blog, website, or Shopify store, to get practical experience. For him, nothing beats practical experience.

Links to full videos mentioned in this week’s episode:

How Google organizes information to find what you’re looking for.

Our ranking systems consider a number of factors—from what words appear on the page, to how fresh the content is—to determine what results are most relevant and helpful for a given query.

More than 10,000 search quality raters around the world help us conduct hundreds of thousands of tests every year,

The benefits of AMP

  • AMP pages are open and exist well beyond Google.
  • Publishers have control over the aspects of their AMP pages.
  • AMP is not a ranking factor for Google Search results.
  • AMP is an open project led by many.

Speaking of amp Bill Slawski talks about possibly moving his blog into amp let’s see why.

What are your thoughts on icons next to your listing? Leave a comment below.

I personally think it can increase CTR. It acts like a badge. When I add emojis CTR tends to be a lot higher.

There’s a reason I add a play button emoji to my titles. They do make my organic listings stand out.

How Autocomplete works on Google Search

This reminded me of a cool trick mention by Steve Toth called keyword stretching.

Where you can add an asterisk in-between your search query words to get project manager * interview questions

Did you know that Google treats URLs with and without trailing slashes differently? Let’s listen in

Former Salesforce chief scientist announces new search engine to take on Google called

I’m curious about what you think. Think You can take on Google?

On the Authority Hacker show, Kyle Roof goes over an interesting way to use related searches in Google to create content.

What are your thoughts on link exchanges? Chris Brooks at the SEO Mastery Summit explains when is a good time to do a link exchange

Getting Accurate Keyword Data was a study done by Lee Witcher on SEO Fight Club show

It was very interesting and makes a lot of sense. Let check it out

What’s the Crawl + calculate PR formula about? What is TIPR?

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