Kevin Rowe

Kevin is the founder of PureLinq a contextual link building solution.

He is focused on disrupting the SEO industry and building solutions for the largest problems that digital marketing faces when driving results through search.

Kevin advocates7 that the SEO industry needs to build management principles based on the U.V.C.A ecosystem to be more predictable.

He is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker and his thought leadership has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, and The Atlantic.

Kevin has worked with some of the hottest Silicon Valley startups, as well as fortune 100 companies!

He built two SEO companies each generating over a million in revenue!

Please welcome Kevin “the triathlete” Rowe!

27:56 – What is the UVCA Ecosystem?

UVCA (Uncertainty, Complexity, Volatility, and Ambiguity) is an important principle for SEOs (originally a military term) developed by Kevin. In SEO, this is used to determine the uncertainty, complexity, volatility, and ambiguity of SEO programs in the industry.

30:37 – How did you get into Search?

Kevin’s journey into becoming an SEO millionaire started with humble beginnings. After college, he went to South America with a Biologist doing field research. Unfortunately, bad things happened during that time which got him broke. Things changed as he soon took the chance and jumped in on the fast-growing SEO trend during the day.

34:45 – Buying Links, is that Bad or Good?

In a world where everyone has their own opinion, Kevin also struggled with criticism from the public for his work as a professional link builder in the SEO community. In this section, Kevin shares what he learned about selling/buying links and how the SEO community portrays them in this section.

40:50 – Top Things that Develop a Good Grade Score

In this section, Kevin talks about the six categories in determining good grade scores based on Google’s guidelines.

45:50 – 20 Places You Should Be Sharing Content

Kevin’s most popular blog, “20 Places You Should Be Sharing Content” (which got over 240,000 views), is definitely a topic to bring up due to its huge importance to the SEO market today. In this section, Kevin shares what he thinks are the best places to share content.

48:30 – Tips on Posting on Reddit

One of Kevin’s best places to share your content is on Reddit. Kevin explains how posting in the community (like Reddit) is an investment. Gaining the community’s trust joining niche relevant conversations are just some of the good things you can do in Reddit that will heavily benefit your career.

51:40 onwards – What’s the Future for Kevin’s SEO Podcast and YouTube Channel

Despite his busy schedule, Kevin still gives time to his audience by hosting his very own SEO podcast & YouTube Channel. He specifically jumped on these platforms to share his gained knowledge with the SEO community. In this section, Kevin gives his audience a heads-up on what to expect in his future podcast & YouTube discussions/uploads.

55:00 – Kevin’s tips for all budding SEO Practitioners and Marketers

Before ending the show, Kevin shares some of his long-time gained knowledge, tips, and experiences to consider and remember to the community. A very good knowledge bomb for those who want to start their very own SEO career.

Links mentioned in the video:

LSI Keyword Generator on Steroids for FREE!


You’ll also find the secret link to the Super Secret SEO skype group where a lot of great information is shared!

SEO This Week they cover Technical SEO triage

Hasta La Vista Boss channel had Clint Butler a past guest here on the SEO Video Show give a quick Schema tutorial

This week SEO news:

How Google delivers reliable information in Search. And go on to talk about the 3 elements to their approach to information quality.

Sharing what we learned on the first Virtual Webmaster Unconference

Googlebot will soon speak HTTP/2. Starting November 2020, Googlebot will start crawling some sites over HTTP/2 or h2 for short, an upgraded, more modern version of the protocol.

Does a .jobs domain help rank for “jobs”? #AskGoogleWebmasters

Talk about story. My test and Bill’s most recent test
SEO and Domain Names – New TLD Research and Testing

Support the places near you. This year, people around the world are searching “near me” more than ever. And right now, those places need our help. Support the places near you, with a little help from Google. Are you optimizing for near me searches? How are you doing it? Leave a comment or type in the chat.

Local Search Summit was this week. I wanted to take clips from so many speakers I just to heck with it. Just go pick and choose what you interested. They are all good!

Kalicube Tuesdays with Danny Goodwin: Updating content as an SEO strategy. A really nice nugget I found in their conversaion.

Kevin Rowe articles:

Link Building 101 Rap

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