Kirill Kronrod

Kirill create positive energy and am genuinely enthusiastic about tackling problems efficiently with a combination of creativity and understanding what is possible and practical.

Produce clarity for our team and others on what problems we’re tackling and how we get to the next level.

Kirill sincerely want people and teams to succeed and am not afraid to give credit where it’s due.
Work alongside the team, being “in the trenches” (especially important in a tactical world of SEO).

Kirill embrace an “always-on” attitude, desire to constantly learn and grow and I love and nurture curiosity in myself and these around me.

Kirill am genuine, open and honest with teammates and value feedback that shapes me to be a better worker and a better person.

Mentoring comes naturally, and I’m able to share knowledge and experience that encourages growth.

Kirill I thrive on leveraging data to drive action that delivers effective business outcomes.

10:25 – How did Kirill get to work for Google Quick Answers
For Kirill, working on Google Quick Answers is all about optimizing the user experience. Thus, giving people to quickly find what they want for their queries.

12:52 – What did Kirill focus now in his Adobe journey
Focusing on the technical side of things is what Kirill focuses on now that he is in Adobe. This includes optimizing tutorials for beginners, and fine-tuning the Adobe Experience Manager software platform, just to name a few.

15:48 – Did Kirill encounter any Google search errors?
Based on his experience, Kirill did encounter Google search errors where it shows a wrong web property in a different country even with proper tagging. But with proper tuning and having clean code, Kirill and his team managed to fix this.

18:26 – How does Kirill and his team deploy Schema?
Kirill’s goal in dealing with schema is about improving the user experience. This is where he and his team has undergone intensive testing of what schema type works best before dropping it on specific pages, and so on.

20:50 – Kirill’s sneak peek of his upcoming projects
In this section, Kirill is giving us a quick look at his upcoming projects with his team. This includes tuning SEO performance, enhancing user experience aspects, and a whole lot more.

22:34 – CTR optimization by Kirill
Kirill and his team have done great wonders in improving CTR that will definitely grab people’s attention. This includes title tag optimization, putting resolves on page titles, including your brand name on the meta description, and so much more.

24:12 – Why putting your brand name on meta descriptions is important
For Kirill, having your brand name on the meta description will allow people to see your site’s identity. Especially, when search result titles are getting longer in Google searches and brand names are almost unseen.

25:17 – Kirill’s tips for people who want to delve into SEO
Being really curious and teachable is Kirill’s advice for people who want to learn SEO. Having data skills is also essential too, especially that SEO is full of stuff that relies on data.

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