Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR

Koray has more than six years of SEO experience,

He publishes in-depth SEO Case Studies, Researches, and Detailed A/B Tests.

He uses Data Science, Visualization, Front-end Coding, and Google Patents for SEO Projects.

He is is a contributing author for OnCrawl, JetOctopus, Authoritas, Serpstat, NewzDash.

He is a speaker for SEO webinars with RankSense and Authoritas.

He has worked with over 200 companies.

Please welcome the founder and owner of the Holistic SEO & Digital, Koray Tugberk Gubur.


23:30 – Koray’s Tips for SEO Learning

According to Koray, “if you don’t love reading, it’s going to be hard.” He said this to describe the struggle of learning semantic SEO and more. You’ll have to read books, articles, patents, and more!

28:00 – Associating an Entity to a Keyword

Speaking of semantics, in this section, Koray explained how entities work and how it is incorporated with keywords during the search.

32:30 – Wanting to Increase Your Traffic by 300%? – Koray’s Got You!

In this section, Koray gave out some amazing tips on how you can increase your traffic by 300%! Solid SEO tips!

33:40 – Creating a Topical Map – Explained by Koray

In this section, Koray gave out really good examples of determining topics for a topical map. He also explained the importance of other factors such as central entities, the context of the source, etc., as an approach in creating topical maps.

36:50 – Koray’s Insight on Future SEO

According to Koray, in the future, you might want to learn how transformers work, how to create better content thanks to natural language generation (understanding, processing), and the adoption of hiring human editors to fix the errors of AI.

42:40 – From Black Hat to White Hat?The Instant Traffic Increase Method

After realizing that most of the Black Hat strategies that used to work before wouldn’t work anymore after Google’s constant updates, Koray decided it was time to switch to the White Hat side. In this section, Koray shared and explained one of the most formidable strategies that they used in White Hat, the “Instant Traffic Increase Method.”

50:50 – Main Search Intent? Different Types of Rankings?

As Koray got deeper while explaining the context of semantic SEO, he explained how you could manipulate your main search intent on Google. In this section, he also explained all the technicalities in semantic SEO and all the different types of rankings, following what he previously discussed at this timestamp.

53:00 onwards – Read A Lot!

One of the major points Koray kept saying is that you have to read a lot to learn more about SEO. You also have to be careful about what to read. Ensure that you’re reading books from well-known, credible sources and prominent SEO writers. You’ll learn a lot.

55:20 onwards – Koray’s take on using entities with internal linkings

According to Koray, he suggests that you should use your customized nature link generators in the future. In this section, Koray gave a wide insight into entities and internal linking. He also explained the value of using other internal linking methods (that we can enjoy as of the moment).

58:10 – Koray’s tips on indexing pages

According to Koray, if you want Google to index your website, you’ll have to work on the semantics, and more importantly, you should be cheaper and more efficient than your competition.

59:30 – Koray’s tips for budding SEO practitioners

According to Koray, do not focus on the money; focus on success and developing your talents. For him, it’s about making SEO your passion. His second piece of advice is that you should understand what probabilistic thinking is in SEO because, for Koray, SEO is probabilistic; it’s not always certain.


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