Kristina Azarenko

Kristina is a recognized SEO professional with 10+ years of experience.

She is named one of the top 13 women shaping the SEO industry.

She is also an expert contributor at Search Engine Land, SEMrush, HotJar,

She is a speaker at the Women in Tech SEO Festival, BrightonSEO eCommerce Summit, Turn DiGi Conference and other marketing events.

Please welcome eCommerce and technical SEO boss, Kristina Azarenko


24:43 – Five Mistakes that are Stopping You from Earning as an SEO – by Kristina

“As an SEO, you have to have an analytical mind!” – Kristina mentioned this line as she explains how important it is to be analytical as an SEO in order to identify your mistakes and learn from them. She shared how she came up with the webinar and how essential it is for new SEOs to follow! Lastly, for her, Communication and Confidence is Key.

28:00 – How did you get into SEO?

Before Kristina made it into the SEO industry, she was a debt collector in her hometown, Belarus. Eventually, a few years after she stopped working as a debt collector, she landed a job at a UK Agency, and that’s where her SEO began.

29:20 – How did you learn more about the processes of SEO?

Kristina mentioned that she was a self-learner. She learned better ways to do SEO while she was working as a technical SEO. Also, other things that helped her learn were articles and books, especially those that are coming from famous SEO personalities as well.

33:08 – How were you able to get your course going and how did you get the people joining?

Through researching the audience, recording people’s questions about SEO, and spending the weekends researching and filling up the course, Kristina was able to manage all of these SEO course requirements.

37:20 – Blog content strategy isn’t enough if you don’t consider fortifying the main features of your website!

Kristina shares her experience of having a client who came to her with only a blog post strategy. She explains how important it is to solidify the main features of your website too.

38:10 – Ecommerce SEO – Common things you encounter

For Kristina, the most common thing that she encounters from her clients is the misuse of “Title Tags.” She explains how important it is to use Title-tags properly, especially if you’re competing for a specific product in the online market.

42:00 – SEO Pro Extension – Kristina’s take

Kristina mentioned that if you want to save time in your SEO work, the SEO pro extension is a must-have download!

47:00 – It’s always about the Business! If you’re an SEO, you have to be responsible!

Kristina, in this section, explained the importance of being a responsible SEO. Never take things temporarily, make sure that the premium client that hired you is going to get good results in the future. That’s how it should be.

47:30 – Skills that an SEO should master!

Kristina listed 24 important Skills that every SEO should learn and master. It’s divided into different levels: hard skills & soft skills.


51:37 – Question from the chat: How should we convince our clients to have patience as it takes 7,8 months to get traffic?

For Kristina, 7-8 month is a big chunk of time. For her, things can happen much faster and smoother through proper SEO procedures! In this section, she shared some of her best tips on how to do things faster for your clients.

56:50 – Question from chat 2: if an SEO expert charges $1000 then does it include content writing and programmers’ charges for thin content and speed issues?

For Kristina, SEO pricing influences what you’re actually offering. Also, you have to consider who’s doing the project management, the client, you, or someone else? In this section, Kristina listed down all the important factors (not just the ones mentioned before) that influence the prices for all SEO packages.

1:01:50 – What’s your best advice for all budding SEO practitioners?

As a prominent figure in the SEO community, Kristina’s best tip for all budding SEOs is to “JUST DO IT!” If you want to do SEO, just do it! Never hold back and grab every chance you can take. Finally, for Kristina, having SEO knowledge and experience is definitely a big plus/advantage.


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This leads me to my favorite part of my show who is also a technical and eCommerce SEO expert.

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