Kyle Roof

Kyle is the co-founder and lead SEO for High Voltage SEO

He is the Co-Creator of Page Optimizer Pro, an on page optimization tool trusted by over 1500 SEOs.

He is the Co-Founder of Internet Marketing Gold (IMG) the online community for SEO science.

He is the co-host of SEO Fight Club
a weekly SEO show dedicated to open debate and peer review of cutting edge SEO research and theory crafting

In the past 4 years he have conducted over 350 scientific tests on Google’s Algorithm.

He also provides instructional SEO/marketing courses ranging from beginner to advanced.

Please welcome, the god father of the SEO video Show, the SEO mad scientist, Kyyyyyle Rooooooooof!


25:30 – Paul calls Kyle the “Godfather of SEO Video Show.”


In this introductory section for the SEO Guest, Kyle Roof, Paul calls Kyle the Godfather of SEO Video shows due to him being one of the prominent founders of the show.


26:35 – How did you get into SEO?


If you didn’t know, Kyle was a lawyer before he got into SEO. After realizing that he’s got more passion for building websites, he pursued another path, which he can have free time while earning a lot, SEO.


28:20 – Web Design Agency – A “Police-encounter” Incident


Kyle and his brother had a passion for creating websites, and this passion is why they opened a company in India. It may sound like living a career goal or a dream, but unfortunately, somewhere in that time, a bunch of corrupt police officers forcefully shook down their business, and the rest was history.


31:20 – How did you learn SEO?


So Kyle talked about his journey on getting into the SEO industry after his introduction. In this section, Kyle describes how he learned it and how things went on after gaining experience in the industry.


32:50 – In SEO Pro, you’re a Scientist! – said Kyle, way back in 2015!


One of Kyle’s most exciting conferences is where Kyle describes all aspiring SEOs as Scientists! It was an empowering idea that Kyle brought up for budding SEOs, which even Paul himself considered as one of the videos that changed his views on SEO.


37:12 – “I think people go to conferences to have an experience” – by Kyle


According to Kyle, people go to conferences to have an experience. People who are very willing to learn more about SEO would go to conferences to experience something beyond just glorified blog posts. That is Kyle’s biggest inspiration for his talks: giving people challenges and giving them the right experience with SEO.


40:00 – Lorem Ipsum Contest!


In 2018, Kyle was a part of a contest held by the SEO Signals Lab in which the contestants were given 30 days to create a brand-new site with the term Rhinoplasty Plano. The contest’s goal is to see who can rank the term the highest within the given 30 days. In this section, Kyle explains his experience of how he aced that contest with his strategies involving Google algorithms, Guideline changes, and more!


47:00 – Silo Posts for the site? A Deeper dive into one of Kyle’s strategies!


One of the most impressive things that Kyle mentioned from his strategies to rank their site as the highest was creating seven silo posts.


51:30 – Page Optimizer Pro


Kyle is responsible for developing and implementing all SEO techniques used by the SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro. In this section, he explains how Page Optimizer Pro was able to help them unify their strategies for the term “Rhinoplasty Plano” – from the contest they were in.


58:17 – How did IMG come about?


The peer-review aspect is one of the greatest things on IMG that Kyle and his team are proud of. After years of testing for businesses, IMG was one of the best projects they’ve done so far – it doesn’t exist anywhere else.


1:02:00 – Kyle talks about unifying the community and urging them to find the answers to their questions first


For Kyle, a healthy SEO community is where people do their time to research something that they don’t know about first before asking for help from someone more knowledgeable on the topic. Overall, it’s a healthy practice of not being idle and just waiting for answers!


1:03:44 – How to become an SEO professional – by Kyle


For Kyle, you need to work on a site first. You don’t have to be super passionate about it. First, you just have to try it out and gain experience. The experience itself is a huge factor in inspiring you to move forward.


1:07 – How to Get into IMG – Kyle’s courses (InternetMarketing.Gold)


Kyle’s courses on IMG are meant for all people who want to learn SEO. It’s intended for those who are starting to learn SEO, those who already have experience, and those who are already experts in the field. The essence of IMG is to give SEO practitioners the framework that can help you understand SEO differently.


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