Lemuel Park

Lemuel is the founding CTO of BrightEdge.

He brings 15 years of industry knowledge and experience in building enterprise-class solutions for the largest companies in the world.

Prior to BrightEdge, he was a manager at Ernst & Young where he led IT and security consulting projects for Fortune 100 companies across multiple industry sectors, including high-tech, financial services, health care and insurance.

Lemuel and his team have been responsible for hundreds of SEO innovations.

Lemuel holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Please welcome the one and only, Lemuel Park.

22:50 – Introduction to Lemuel’s BrightEdge Data Cube

Here’s a video showing Lemuel introducing BrightEdge Data Cube, a one of a kind innovation for the SEO industry.

28:35 – How Lemuel got into SEO

A clip where Lemuel explained his humble beginnings, how he was able to create his first website, and many more.

33:00 onwardsLemuel’s in-depth history with SEO

Here’s a clip of where Lemuel explained his experiences from the past when the SEO infrastructure was just blooming.

39:00 – Lemuel’s insights on “Adding an English Variation of a Keyword Alongside a Keyword that has Been Translated”

Here, Lemuel explains his thoughts/honest insights as an answer to this question given by the chat.

41:50 onwardsLemuel’s shares his knowledge and tips to become a successful SEO marketer

Here, Lemuel gave out some great knowledge and insights on what to do when you’re just starting to become an SEO professional/marketer. The tips and wisdom he shared are amazing (very educational) and noteworthy!

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